Consultation - Eyebrow Treatment

Today i headed out to have my first consultations with an electroligist…the first place was a very small clinic and only one person was qualified, but she has 22 years experience. The things she told me was…roughly a treatment would take 15min, i would have to do it for around 12 months for permanent results. A 15 min treatment would cost me $25AU.

The other clinic is a combined laser and day spa centre. I went in the consulation to discuss electrolysis yet i had the consultant advise me that it would be better if i opted for laser…above and in between the eyebrows, then use electrolysis below the arch to finsih the job. The price for the laser above and in between the eyebrows would cost $80AU…and the electrolysis would be $3AU a minute. At the moment apparently they are having a sale and she said it would be $50AU for the laser and $2AU a minute for the electrolysis. The consulatant looked in her mid to late twentys, and during the consultation she kept saying that with electrolysis i may be left with opened pores permanently.

What are some of your thoughts on my consultations?

Hmmm, electrolysis might leave you with permanently open pores, she said? As opposed to what? Permanently closed pores? Now lets all recall the lesson we all learned about closed pores in highschool just before we were about to go on a date, or take our senior class pictures. Do we all remember, Closed pores are bad, open pores are good.

The lady was just trying to sell you!

surely you can see that electrolysis on your full eyebrow would cost less than what they are charging for the other treatment, especially when they later tell you how difficult your case is, and how they have to “finish you with electrolysis” because your hairs are inhumanly strong.

Yeah i thought she was trying to filter more cash out of me…lol

I think i’ll give the first lady a shot, she seemed nice, answered all my questions, didn’t push or try to make me open my wallet.

It’s been about 4 days since i last plucked, and some of the hair is coming out. (God! i hate exposing myself). I think i’ll wait another week and proceed with my first electrolysis appointment.

Im sorry if im annoying you James with all my questions, i just like to be sure and do it right the first time. Just so you know i appreciate you responding to my questions, so thanks.

You are welcome. Thank you for your kind words.

Actually, I am not annoyed by people asking me questions, however, some people do ask me questions that are answered hundreds of times over in great detail on this site and on and they can’t use the search feature, and they insist on me replying directly to them in a private message, and they forget that I am actually removing over a million hairs a year, while there are over 10,000 people registerd on this site, and many thousands more reading the site who never registered, and they all want personal attention.

I can’t do it all, and I can’t do it yesterday either. (I am not saying that you treated me this way, I am just explaining that this is the problem some people present to me.)