consultation / coolglide

I had another consultation this weekend, this time with a RN who uses the Coolglide. Overall, I felt ok at this place. It went better than my first consultation because it was more personal and the RN was nicer to me. This is not the type of place where they would rush things and try to get me out of there as quickly as possible.

One concern I have is that I didn’t really get a test patch. All she did was one zap on my hand (got one hair). Is a real test patch necessary, or is this good enough?

I think her prices are reasonable - much cheaper than the first place I went to. So, I am tempted to go ahead and get treated here…especially because it’s hard to find someone who uses the Coolglide in my area.

I am having trouble deciding which area(s) to do first however. If I’m spending the money, I want to be reasonably sure that I’ll have good results first…I was thinking about doing my arms, but I have fuzzy brown hair on my upper arms and also some really fine brown hair along the insides of my arms. Will the Coolglide work well on these areas, or would I be more likely to get good results on an area with thick black hair? (I have type IV skin.)

The RN seemed to think that the fine hair was still dark enough for the laser, but I’d like to know what other people think.

Also, she said that it would take at least 6 treatments (made it sound like it was likely that it would be more than that). At the first place I went to, they said it would take 5 treatments (with the Lightsheer diode). Is it true that more treatments will be required with the Coolglide than with other lasers?

It is hard to speculate how many treatments it will take. It depends on how well you time the treatments with the growth cycles. And if you want to get every single hair you will probably have to finish with electrolysis.

I would say to count on 8 treatments. But you can get significant results even after 2 or 3 treeatments.

Laser will work best on thick black hair. You can get a lot of the finer hairs too but higher fluences will be required. I would start with the thick black hair. It is the most bothersome and you will see the most dramatic results there.