Constricted/tight hair follicles - any advice?

Hi all,

I was told by my electrologist at my last electrolysis session that my hair follicles were somewhat constricted, making insertion of the needle quite difficult.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for counteracting this?

All replies would be greatly received.

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A few Questions:

Do you have “Virgin Hair” that have never been plucked, depilated, or LASER’ed?

What kind of equipment does your electrologists use? Machine, vision equipment, and probes. You should be able to read the name of her Electrolysis Machine right off the Machine, but if you can’t find it (many electrologists cover these badges up, or remove them so you can’t tell what they are using on you. Wouldn’t want you finding out they are using the 1950 machine that has been used by ever electrologist to buy this business over the last 10 times it has been sold.) ask your electrologist to tell you what she is using. She should not find this to be a problem question.

With these answers, an answer can better be given to you.

Many thanks for your swift reply!

I began to pluck my hair quite a few years ago, then I moved onto using a rotary epilator for quite some time.

So far, I have had SIX half hour sessions of electrolysis on my upper lip and the sides of the face, and I have reached the stage where the regrowth is not too heavy, quite sparse.

I’m not too sure what type of machine my electrologist uses, but I can tell you that I hold a metal cylindrical rod in my hand throughout each session. Also, not sure if this is typical of all methods, but there is a sound from the machine after most insertions.

I believe that gold-tipped probes are used and for vision, a moveable overhead light is all I’m aware of.

Hope that helps.

Many thanks

Ok, your plucking thickend the hairs, and more importantly, the anchor system keeping those hairs in. Add to this the distortion of the follicle that plucking frequently brings, and you have a curved follicle with more mass in the anchoring tissue. There would be less, if not little to no room in that follicle for insertion.

Now your electrologist could get better vision equipment, and maybe even a different size probe. Use of gold probes help in this situation as well, because they do slide in more comfortably. The only thing you can do is keep your skin clean, drink your water, eat good nutritious foods, get a good night’s sleep, and perhaps do a warm compress on your face prior to treatment.

You may want to check other practitioners to see if they have the equipment that makes working on you easier, but there is very little you can do now that the damage is done.

Ok, your plucking thickend the hairs, and more importantly, the anchor system keeping those hairs in. Add to this the distortion of the follicle that plucking frequently brings…

Does this phenomenon of triggered hair growth have a more technical name? I had a single laser treatment on my upper arms, and about two months later, noticed many thick, dark hairs that were not there prior to the treatment. They’re still there, a year later. If I tweeze one of them, I notice that the follicle is extremely long (~3 mm) compared to my other arm hair.

Given my reaction to the laser treatment (inflammatory response?), I take it that it would not be advisable to tweeze or wax hairs that I later plan to have electrolysized. Is that true?


In Electrology we have a saying, “Pluck only the hairs you want to keep!”

Yes, when your body is injured it tends to mend and repair itself to better than previous condition if possible. A broken bone is stronger at the site of the break than the bone around it.

Blood is to hair as fertilizer is to grass. Anything that leaves an area with more than normal blood flow for an extended period of time can lead to further hair growth. LASER often leads to INCREASED hair growth because the body has had so much skin damage to so many structures that a major rebuilding project us underway to heal the treatment site.

This doesn’t happen to electrolysis clients because the treatments are very site specific, and the body only seals the treated follicle from outside infection and forgets about it.

It is one more difference between what Electrolysis Thermolysis does, and what LASER can do based on their very real differences.

As I continue to say, there are to many if’s and’ and but’s for what your LASER experience will be. No one can tell you what will happen to YOU personally when you are treated with this technology. It is just pay your money, and participate in the experiment. If you don’t like the results, then go somewhere else, and pay more money to start all over with what you should have started with in the first place.