considering laser removal?

Hello everyone! I’m 27 year old male in need of laser hair removal. About four years back I had a laser treatment done on my back by a plastic surgeon “Dr. Rapport” in Fort Lee NJ, but after the first treatment I never went back. I had severe skin blisters, which almost took a year to disappear. However when I take of my white shirt I do notice few hairs have fallen, but not enough to keep my shirt off in public.
I’m pretty sure the technology has improved, but need advise on finding the right place. I have done some search on this site and have found the Nd:YAG would be best for my skin type. I have light skin\yellow with black hair. Can anyone recommend a laser center in central NJ or in Allentown PA? It’s hard to accept that I may have bad gene, but I want to put that a side and feel good about myself.
Many thanks to you all and to this website.

Alexandrite or diode is best for light skin, type IV and lighter. You can look up your skin type on a Fitzpatrick chart. ND:Yag is for darker skin types. If you can use one of the above lasers at high enough settings without burning your skin, I would go with those since they are more powerful and will produce faster results. You will need to get all 6-8 treatments spaced 6-10 weeks apart for best results. Good luck.