Considering laser...just a couple of questions.


Hi all,
I was wondering if any of you good folks would happen to be knowledgable about the Photogenica Apogee LPIR laser. This is the laser used by a local dermatoligst for hair removal, but I havent been able to locate too much info about it in this forum. Has anyone had experience with it? Would it be effective for dark hair and pale skin? Also, I’m wondering if laser treatment has any adverse effects on moles? It’d be great to hear from anyone who could help me with these questions.
Thanks heaps, Poncho.


I had one mole in the area of treatment but it wasn’t a raised one. It crusted up and I picked at it (bad bad bad) and it lightened it. Raised moles, I have no idea. You would have to ask the laser tech.

Email “RJC2001” from the Syneron thread. Looks like he’s used the Apogee.


i had the same experience with a dark mole (only without the picking…) it lightened up


Lasers have had no effect on my moles, but they have lightened some freckles. I find that I tan more evenly and get a little darker now when I tan, which I consider to be a bonus.