Considering getting a One Touch

So my face is nearly complete (more or less) and now my electrologist and I have begun moving onto my back. It’s been great, but there’s still many more areas to go – chest, stomach, and upper legs. Since it will be quite a long time until we get to any of those areas, I was considering getting a One Touch to help reduce some of the hairs in those areas (namely the upper leg right now since that’s allegedly easier to work on.) I didn’t want to get a more professional machine since my apartment is tiny and I’ll be moving in a few months so portability is very important (plus it’s cheap which is a big bonus!) I am a bit concerned however about skin damage and wondering if it would also make it more difficult for my electrologist to clear those areas later. Is this a wise path to try or am I just being silly? I see my electrologist weekly, but then there’s those 6 days of the week where I’m staring at the hair thinking I should be making progress on it.

You might save a little money by working on yourself. My biggest gripe with the One Touch is they are slow and the probes get bent out of shape easily. If you’re trying to be cost effective it might save you a little money, like I said… But the professional machines can be had for cheap, does better work and are cheaper to maintain.

If you want my opinion, give it a try! They can be had for under 20$ and are easily worth their money.

Well Benton,

I would be the LAST person to talk anyone out of DIY. That said I wouldnt be in favour of a one-touch for you.
IlikeDIY’s point is well taken. I would have to open up my defiled probe container and count, but I have destroyed well over 100 different probes while doing my face.Even with the increased cost of ballet probes for me, I WOULD HAVE GONE BROKE purchasing tips for the one touch.They average $5 to $10 each and are getting harder to find. With the number of them you will go through, you will spend well over the cost of a good used machine on tips for the one touch alone.

  1. I found Galvanic VERY hard on my face. Remember these pictures?
    This is the result of the first time I had electrolysis with galvanic alone.For me the scabbing was horrible, and happened every time I tried my hand at galvanic. It’s why I changed to blend so early on the scabbing was just way too much for me and I was afraid of scarring myself for life.
    As for portability, a hinkel or clairblend is roughly the same size as half a box of chearios. I have 3 times had to take my Apilus ( arguably one of the larger blend machines out there) in a suitcase, with my optical loop, accross town to treat a transgirl who is disabled, by bus. Even with the larger size of my machine and the added accessories, I had no problems with portability.
    The other huge factor with a one touch, is the amount of time it took to do galvanic. Combined with the scabbing issue, my decision to move to blend was easy. The amount of time to remove with galvanic was extremely tedius.The first time I had Nightfrost work with blend, one of my first comments to him was “You are going to LOVE the difference in time to treat a hair.”

What I would suggest, if you are considering any DIY, is getting a used blend machine. Then have your pro concentrate on areas you cant reach, like under the jawline so the neck and under chin.As for cost, I posted a link yesterday in the ebay thread which included a sil-tone st250 for $400. That would make a fine first machine.
I had a very quick learning curve on insertions with reversed movements in a mirror.It did take me a while to get the hang of it, but it is the one thing about DIY I didnt find as hard as some made it out to be.


Wow, it was really hard to go back and look at those pictures! Looking at early treatment pictures the density of hair that is now gone makes me cringe! And disgusts me. It makes me want to run for my Aplius just looking at them.


Seana, those pics you posted – did that come from DIY electrolysis? I’ve read that the angle for that area is pretty difficult. How long did it take to go away? I was considering mainly doing my thighs so I’d imagine the angle to not be as bad. The thing is, for $400, I could get about 6-7 hours of pro treatment where I know what they’re doing is right – I’m not sure if that much money is worth the amount of time I’d spend on the areas that I can reach. I’d just like to reduce it as much as possible so that I feel like something’s been accomplished by the time my electrologist can reach those areas. For that purpose, I may still want to go with the One Touch just to test the waters of it as iLikeDIY suggested (I totally understand your reasons for switching to blend.) You made a lot of good suggestions and points – thank you!

it was from DIY, but not by me.Nightfrost worked on me so the angles didnt really apply in my case as he had full view. Took about 10 days to disappear.I’ve never had issues like that since.