Considering electrolysis?

Im am considering electrolysis, but I’m not about a lot of thing: how well the results are for both at home and professinal(are the hairs gone or just lighter and finer), how much at home kits cost or the cost of the sessions, and what areas is electrolysis best for because I want to do a lot of places. Anyone who has done this or has good information please help me.


Results vary by user skill. You could have anywhere from complete success to complete failure.

If you carefully choose a skilled pro, you should see permanenet removal of all hairs in time. Costs are usually about $1 a minute, ranging 50 cents to $2.00, depending on area and practitioner reputation.

Home electrolysis kits like One Touch are $30. A used pro machine is a few hundred or so, a new one is a thousand or more. You miust use a device where a needle is inserted into the hair follicle if you want a permanent result.

Electrolysis is best for small areas, but can be used for larger ones as well. It just takes a lot of time with larger areas, since each hair is treated individually.

I just have a few questios about these machines if anyone would care to answer them. How does one go about sticking needles in oneself? Are the home versions of these machines very effective? And last but not least, can these machines be used on areas with a lot of hair, or just the lightly haired areas??

Oh and i almost forgot, can the do-it-yourself versions of these machines be dangerous if not used properly?

I have some information at

You don’t actually stick needles in yourself, you slide a slender probe down a hair follicle from 1 to 4 mm generally and when you sense that you have reached the hair root, you apply the mild current. Of course, some areas of your own body will be unreachable.

They can be 100% effective and permanent. You can use it on areas with lots of hair, but you will probably average about 1 hair per minute, so the math indicates that they are best reserved for smaller areas. Larger areas should be considered to be treated with Laser and/or professional electrolysis.

Any equipment can be dangerous if not used properly. The tips on the above website should help you avoid most of them. Keep the power low, pay attention to pain feedback, and use common sense and there should be no problems.