Considering CoolGlide Excel

I’m finally strongly considering laser hair removal. I’m a white male, skin that tans, with dark hair. I was recently quoted a price with 6 treatments on back and shoulders for $2050 with cheaper touchups after completion. This was the best deal I’ve come across in my studies. It’s being offerred at a salon and the woman who will be doing the treatments is a licensed esthetician who works for a medical director. I’m more worried about burns than I am about wasting 2 grand. But she said she had never had anyone get burned from the procedure. The test patch did hurt a little but I think I can deal with it, we’ll see. OK, this was just a rambling post but I think I got across my main points and concerns. Waiting for posters to chime in with their thoughts. Thanks. At one point I was considering alexandrite, but it was like 1,000 per session and they only did my back not shoulders.

Hi baseball24,
I’m using a similar laser - Sciton Image 1064 ndYag. I have had several treatments now on different areas and have not had any bad side effects. Although I am female, it sounds like we have similar skin coloring. So, just wanted to say that there is some pain, but I have not been burnt at all.
Good luck and let us know how it goes. :smile: