considering a brazilian bikini by laser

Over this past year I’ve been getting laser treatments for my bikini line, because I was never able to wear regular bathing suits without having to worry about shaving stubble. This has gone really well and I am extremely pleased with my results. However, I actually prefer the brazilian style of having almost no hair in this area. Personally I think it would be a worthy investment, considering how much waxing costs and what a pain shaving is. However, right now I am 18 and I’m worried about the possibility of changing my mind. Is it possible that the smooth look is just a fad, and someday I might regret doing something so permenant?

The laser office I visit now does offer a treatment of the genital area, so apparently it is something people are doing. What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you, Kimber

i don’t see how you’d regret it

go for it

I don’t think society’s attitude towards body hair has become any more tolerant over the last 40 years - quite the opposite. I think it has become far more intolerant. When I was growing up there was never any question of body hair removal on men - it was purely a woman thing. Now there seems to be increasing pressure on BOTH sexes to be hairless and perfect, so I think you would be pretty safe in the assumption that it is not going to change for the better in the near future. When I was a kid I was persecuted at school for being hairy, and it still happens now - you would think grown adults would have more of a reality check inside their heads before they criticise and ridicule others for something they have no control over, and which in the grand scheme of life the universe and everything is rather unimportant in relation to the type of person someone is. Instead of society accepting others for their faults, it seems to demand an ever increasing and unattainable perfection in people. I honestly can’t see a day in our lifetime when body hair is not shunned. What a dream world that would be!! Maybe in a parallel universe somewhere…

My advice is if you want the treatment get it done. The sooner you have it the sooner you get the look you want and the confidence that goes with it. As wonderful as it would be, I can’t ever see body hair being accepted as “normal” or “attractive”.

Best of luck whatever you decide. :wink:

Although you never know, I doubt most of western society is going back toward a more hairy look any time soon.

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Good luck with the treatment!