I am a dark skinned european wanting to get rid of back hair and am very confused.
I would like to know what machine or type is the best for laser or ipl hair removal.
Any feedback will be very helpful.

The safest machine to use on someone with your skin type would be a high-powered NdYag (l040nm) - at this point, that would be a Lyra (not so high-powered, but since your skin is dark that is not such an issue) or a Coolglide ( high power- can be used safely on all skin colors). The Diode and Alexandrite machines are not truly effective for dark skin - in order to be used safely, the fluence level must be very low, so results will be iffy at best. Too high a fluence on these machines will get you hair removal, but at the expense of your skin, which could be hyper- or hypo-pigmented, blistered or scarred in worst-case scenarios. Do your research, and go on consultations (which should be free) - I am sure you will find the best machine. Hope this helps :wink: