Hi everyone, well today i went in for my very first consultation and to my surprise the lady decided we should start work immediately! Well she used numbing cream and a shot, and worked on the obvious coarse hairs for about an hour. I was quite surprised that she didnt want to wait but my derm did send me there so i decided it was relatively safe. What i’am confused about is this: She told me that scabs are normal and that i should expect to get scabs and maybe breka out a bit at first, and she advised me to apply an anti-biotic cream till the scas disappear. Is it really normal or am i not supposed to get any scabs? I asked about scarring and she assured me i would not end up with scars but i feel a bit weary about this…she also advised anti-biotic cream as opposed to aloe vera …Does this sound ok ? tia :smile:

Scabs??? It depends on what area is being worked on, Sophia. Where are you being treated?
What kind of shot? Do you know the name of the medication she injected?

Many of us around here like the combination of Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil because they are natural, and do the job of healing and guarding against infection, when used together.

Anti-bacterials are a good idea while the skin is open and in need of healing, but Tea Tree Oil is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungus that also dissolves puss, and dead skin particles. Aloe vera helps heal and sooth skin.

You may use either or all of the above. Just keep in mind that many people are, in fact, allergic to Neosporine, and if you are allergic, you really should not use it.

Most people are not allergic to either aloe or tea tree, but for those with extra sensitive skin, the quality of the tea tree oil is paramout. If there is too high a cineole count, there could be heavy irritation for the truley sensitive skinned amoung us.