Confused-which one should i choose.


Just like to say this website has been a life saver. After James’s response i decided to cancel my appointments with my previous electrologist. I have been to see two more electrologists. The first one has been practising for 27 years and only does electrolysis and is very good. The only downside is that she is only able to offer me 40 minute appointments each week and does not work on the same area each weel She was able to clear alot on the sides of my face doing 20 mins on each but I know total clearance will take a while as there is alot if fine downy hair on my face. She will rotate doing the sides 1 week and the lip and chin. She said my hair is very fine and downy and I should see a difference in a year. The second lady i have been to see traines electrologists and works for the NHS over here doing electrolysis. She did my chin but was a little bit slow but was good as I did not feel the hair being pulled out which i did not feel with the first one either. She said that I can bleach all my facial hair and she would still be able to treat me and would be able to offer me more time on a weekly bais. She said that she would treat the face as a whole and not in blocks like the other lady would do. What I would like to know is that Won’t bleaching my hair make it more difficult to see the hair and therefore take longer completion time? Would I be better off going with someone who can offer me more time weekly rather than just 40 mins a week. I would also like to know that how long does it take for all hair to come back where you have had laser. I had the ND yag soft light laser all over my face exactly 6 months ago this month. I think that alot of the hair has come through but am worried about what might be lurking to come through. I only had 2 sessions. I hope you can help me out as I have found out the hard way that the only way to permanent hair removal is electrolysis. I was also told by the second lady that most of their referrals recieved at the hospital are from people wanting electrolysis who have had laser and have seen an extreme increase in hair growth. I can also say that the hair on my face also increased with laser even though there may not be any evidense for this out there yet. These two electrologist are both happy to treat me aand have said that i should see a difference within a year, but which one to choose is confusing me as I am not sure which is giving me the best advise. I hope you can help.


If the one who says you can bleach in the meantime is happy that she will be able to see the hairs , then I would go for more time per week, to get it over and done with quicker…




Thanks for the reply. But I am not sure she will be able to see the hairs once they are bleached as my hair is so fine. The first lady I went to only does electrolysis 5 days a week working 10 hours a day-she is very fast and was able to remove alot of hair in 40 mins and I can see why she is only able to offer me limited time-she is very busy, which must be saying something about her practice However, she did say that she will keep on thinning the area untill I am happy. The second lady is able to offer me more time but she only does electrolysis full time once a day at the hospital and teaches the rest of the days and works from home in the evenings-she is also a beutician. I am not sure who to got to. :roll_eyes:
So I have decided to do a session with the second lady and see how fast she can work on my face even though she is more expensive than the first. I will decide after that. But thanks for your response. I will keep everyone posted on my progress as I am determined to get rid of this hair.

Oh the first lady as part of my after care told me boil some water let it cool down and adding some salt to it and then to apply to my face. Has anyone else heard of this??? I did do it and noticed that tiny little scabs appeared on the treated area the day after. It has been five days now and they are still there. Are they supposed to last this long. She used short wave on me??? :confused:


It’s hard to say without seeing you. The salt water is to soothe and to kill any bacteria. I usually recommend being more aggressive and using witch hazel or Tend Skin. Both of these can help reduce side effects.