confused... hair growth and cycle?

Ok I just red another post on here and I am a little freaked out and worried, Ok in my situation I only want say a first clearance on my chest, legs, and abdominal and the post I red suggested that …ill explain, the post said basically that if i got all the hair removed in say january of 2010, in january of 2011 i would be hair free… i don`t perticularly want that, even though on those areas I want treated not much of the actualy hair is growing at once… but in theory is this the case or not?, and secondly if i reduce the hair, will it stay reduced or not? so basically i am asking with my first question, if i get hair removed at one time of the year, will hair grow back and look the same for years or will at the time i got the hair removed, will it appear as if i have no hair at all? I AM WORRIED AS F***

The answer to your question depends on what hair removal method you utilized.