Confuse with next step

I have asked this question before but probably got lost in a forum. :slight_smile:
I have done IPL and Laser before because I always had problems with hair. Anyway I am of an Indian ethnicity with little bit on the fair side though I believe my skin type is 4. Now after all these treatments, I still have some hair and its fine, I suppose but its black and very visible…at least to my eye. Also if I don’t wax or trim, it will be verrrrrrrrrrry visible so that means I need more treatments. I am trying to decide if I should go for laser again or try electrolysis? Oh and it was done on face mostly. Upper lip, chin and cheeks.
And I also have hair on my boobs. Actually very embarrassing but on my nipples. Electrolysis or laser there? There are few but they are not fine.
I would also like any recommendations if possible for laser or electrolysis in Chicago or Schaumburg area in IL.

Thanks for help.

Its sounds like its time to explore electrolysis.
That is the place to go when all else fails or
you have gone as far as you can go with laser.
Laser is not going to do a good job on those
fine hairs. They told you this, right?

Well no, they said that since my hair is black on fair skin…it doesn’t matter if its fine because its dark so laser would work. That’s not true it seems from your reply. Right? Anyway I ran out of money so I had to stop then. I am just starting to look again and ran into this forum. I have been researching this forum and other places for recommendations but any electrolysis places/people in Chicago or Schaumburg in IL? Also is it same like Laser? To be extra careful with sun, sweating and all that after electrolysis is done?
Also I have coarse hair on my legs. What laser should I look for there if I want laser done there so its faster.
Would they tell me what works for my skin color?

One of the laser centers I am considering uses GentleLase. Would that work on Indian skin? On legs, underarms and stomach?

It would work but you might not be light enough to take effective settings on it without burning.

You should look for GentleYag.