Condensing treatments to lessen time frame

Hi there
I’m from the UK and I’m trying to find an electrolysis clinic where I can have 5 hours + of electrolysis treatment per day. This is because I want to remove my beard hair and this can take 30-40 hours of electrolysis to clear just once, and up to 400 hours to completely remove permanently. Therefore, rather than me having weekly 1 hour-long sessions, I would like a service where I can get treatment for a full day (under local anaesthetic), every consecutive day over a 6 to 8 day period. Then I will come back every 6 – 8 weeks to re-clear the area until the hairs stop growing. Thereby condensing treatment so that hair is removed quicker.

There is a company in Texas, USA which provides this type of time-saving electrolysis treatment -

Does anybody know of any places providing treatment in this way in European or Asian countries where prices are cheaper for medical tourism destinations?

Thanks guys

I am unaware of anyone doing that in the UK.

For what it is worth, my clients don’t usually need injections of anesthetic and we typically clear beard first clearance in 10 to 40 hours, depending on the number of hairs per square centimeter. Depending on how much site seeing they do, we get to first clearance in 3 to 5 days, and then they do one to two days every 6 to 8 weeks thereafter. We usually finish with about 150 to 200 hours spread out over 18 months.

One thing you may consider, after your 3rd or fourth clearance, there may be a large enough reduction that you could keep the area clear with your local talent working a few hours a week, by then.

sigh - I wish we had such treatment in the UK. I haven’t found such an electrologist here yet.

We haven’t heard of any company in Europe doing this, but if you find out, do post about it.

Your other option, if you have dense dark hair, is to have laser treatments first to remove the bulk of the hair, and then finish with electrolysis, which won’t require as many hours at that point.


Alternatively you could go once or even twice a week at first for as many hours as you can get, even if it is only 2 or 3 hours at a setting till you are cleared. Then after that you won’t need to go quite as often.

The important thing is to get started ASAP.

It may be possible to get this done in 200 hours or less depending on how much hair you have. If you have dark hair you could also consider laser first and then finish with electrolyis afterwards, which is what I did.


I know of people who have just found out who all the practitioners in their area were, and just scheduled as much time with each person as they could to fill their free time, and had appointments with a different person for an hour here, and two hours there every day of the week, until they got their first clearance. By that time, they sure knew who they wanted to keep on their team for the maintenance phase.

From my experience as maintainer of a transgender support group, I am aware of a few electrologists in Germany doing long treatments. AFAIK at least (some are very experienced, some are newcomers):

This list is probably incomplete. It might be useful to officially post a query to the DVEE. The list will probably get much longer if You ask for the model of treatments in the 2-3 hour range (and then immediately include the CPE qualified collegues among many others).

Just another collegue doing long treatments:

Wow thanks everybody for all the info and ideas! You’ve given me a great starting point. I’ve already had laser on my face and think i’ve gone as far as I can go with it. It’s removed just a little bit of hair made it slightly sparser. It’s also given me hyperpigmentation and it hurts like hell so I’m done with it for good now.

James - If only you were in the UK or Europe cos your practice is just what I’m looking for. I’ll keep you in my mind as if I have no luck anywhere else perhaps I could have my initial clearing done by you as a kick start and then finish up in UK. I can’t believe it’s so hard to find other electrolysists that work in this way! You’d think by now they would as many people want to remove beards. What about larger areas like the chest or back - nobody wants to wait years for the final result!!

beate - thanks so much for those links. I’m going to email them as I can’t read German so I have no idea what I’m looking at lol!! Hopefully they will speak English.

I’ll update you guys with my progress and findings!
Cheers everyone:-)

Hi crr7,

ask Magdalene Ehring, it is also a member of the DVEE and her husband is a dermatologist in the same practice. By the way she works with a apilus.

All the best with this. I started in November with removing beard hair, though am now halted briefly whilst having other areas done.

I found like yourself, in my city, no-one would do more than one hour, due to no specialist electrologists here, all being part-time ie. beauticians. So I began by booking appointments each day with the 3 I liked best. And would do an hour with each. However, they’re all using old old machines, doing thermo (not blend) and I suffered months of terrible red cysts from ingrowing hairs due to poor technique; hairs not fully treated and being “plucked” and broken off under the skin and ingrowing. So if you have curly bristly hair (that’s prone to ingrowns) be aware of that.

I then asked them to just zap the hairs and not pluck. I wanted to see if the hairs that were properly zappped might fall out on their own, like say with laser. Well some have fallen out - I have gaps. But not many. I had the whole beard area done about 5-6 times that way; around mouth done thrice.

So that was all a learning lesson (or waste) of about 100 hours of my time; about 60 hours of electro plus travel.

I’ve now found two dedicated electrologists in Sydney (4 hour driving trip away) who do longer sessions and I am now having much better results. I am having about 1.5 days worth each fortnight.

With one therapist I am doing galvanic multi-probe, 4 machines, so up to 64 probes in me at a time, in for about 5 minutes each, 6 hours of it per day! It’s ah, character building! :wink: With my concerns from prior thermolysis, about hairs being broken off under the skin, and suffering months of ingrown cysts, I feel more confident with the galvanic for the thicker hairs. They usually come right out every time. But each follicle can go very red, scab and takes about 10-12 days to heal up. So one has to have a gap like that (at least 1 week) between galvanic treatments to avoid overtreatment. So it will take a fair while to reach clearance that way.

With the other therapist we are using an Apilus Platinum; 27mhz I believe it is straight thermolysis, as opposed to a blend of thermo and galvnic. It appears to be the creme de la creme of such machines. It doesn’t leave me with marks beyond redness for several hours. I like that a lot better for the finer hairs I am having treated (strict galvanic for those seems to be overkill, too marking, longer healing time and too slow). I will be having some thicker facial hairs tested tomorrow with the Apilus Platinum.

The only areas I found hurt a lot were the lips and the finer hairs on the mid and lower neck region. Try a topical analgesic like Emla. Plus a painkiller tablet can help take the edge of it. Best painkiller I found is to get talking about something you’re passionate about! (true!) So an electrologist with good conversational and listening skills is quite important! Or for around the mouth areas relax completely!

Anyway, I hope some of this is of use to you! Good luck!

AussieRobert, your report confirms so much of what I have tried to convey over the years. Thanks for lending your voice to the cause.

If I, or someone like me were near you, and you had spent that 100 hours with one of us, you could not shave two days in a row anymore on your face by now.