Concerns and Questions

I’m thinking about getting the hair on my upper lip removed, but I have a few questions. The hair isn’t coarse at all, but I have dark brown hair, and tan skin, so when I bleach it’s too light, and when I don’t I think it’s too dark.

Since i’m only getting my upper lip done, and my hair is as described above, would the electrosis take more than one visit? I want to get it done before school starts, but I have things to do this summer, and really don’t want to have a swollen upper lip while tending to them.

Do you think I would I be more suited for laser removal?

Thanks for your time :smile:

Unfortunately, permanent hair removal always takes more then one treatment, as hair grows in cycles. However, if you work on finding a really good Electrlogist, you can work with him/her on a schedule that hopefully won’t interfere with your life too much. You are not the first person to do this, so I’m sure some of the professionals on this Forum can give you some advice. It is a sensative area, and it’s right on your face, and you should know that it might be a little more of a imposition on your life then you might hope (especially if you had your heart set on one treatment and goodbye), but in the grand scheme of things you should be just fine. The important thing is to listen to what the Pros will tell you, and remember that finding the best Electrologist possible is the most important thing.

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Electrolysis would be a great option for the removal of the hair on your upper lip, Rogue. Just to reiterate what redhead has said, one treatment is not enough. Alas, there is nothing on earth that will permanently remove hair in one treatment.

On average, I need to see a client 6-9 months at regular intervals so we can get through 3 hair growth cycles and catch all the noticable hairs that come to the surface. I like to see a client every week to two weeks in the beginning so we can get to that first clearance and then maintenace sessions kick in where the treatments are spaced farther apart, say every 3 weeks then every 4 weeks, etc. Permanency follows soon after and then we’re finished. You may need some periodic cleanups (1-6 times per year)for a few hairs that pop up due to any hormonal issues
you may have. These sessions are usually very short.

As for swelling, if treatment energy is correct, if the time treating the upper lip is limited to 20 minutes (for some, 30 minutes is okay) and the work is scattered so that close neighbor hairs aren’t being zapped, swelling should not be an issue for more than an hour or two, if at all.

Definitely use 100% aloe vera immediately after treatment (even if you have to take it yourself), followed by an ice pack wrapped in gauze for 10 minutes. If you wrapped the ice pack in tissue, the tissue will stick to your freshly applied aloe vera.

As redhead advised, seek a professional electrologist(s) you can work with to solve your problem, keeping in mind that you must be consistent with your appointments to gain anything good from permanent hair removal.

All I have to add to this is that many people can and do achieve the look of being finished in the first treatment or 3, and may then treat the hairs as they come in, but before they are seen by the naked eye. In this way, one can get and keep the look of being finished even while they are secretly still keeping an ever decreasing number and duration of appointments.