Concerning back hair. Please help.

Hello, I have a hairy back and I am trying to get rid of it. So far I have tried shaving and waxing. Both leave my skin with red or acne like bumps that do not go away until the hair has grown back (I tried waxing twice and both times the bumps did not go away for months!). If anybody could please offer me some suggestions on an affordable way to remove my back hair I would greatly appreciate it. It has been bothering me for a number of years now.

What color is your skin/hair?

What did you use to shave and/or trim your back hair?


My skin is white, quite fair, my hair is dark brown.
My razor is SensorExcel (not electric).
Thanks for helping.

Oh and a question:
Would my skin eventually get used to the shaving/waxing and not react after awhile?
I think it would with the shaving, but I would have to do that every couple days and it takes a heck of a long time.
The waxing is much more serious, it is almost like an allergic reaction or something. I get acne like bumps that stay for a couple months at least.

Your skin will adapt to shaving, just give it some time. If you are having trouble with irritation, try a M3 Power, or a Venus Vibrance. The Sensor was a good razor in it’s time, but the new models are much better. Even the Mach3 or Mach3 Turbo would be a good upgrade.

Have you considered laser hair removal? Even one of two treatments can make a difference. I found after a couple of treatments, shaving is much easier, takes a lot less time, and yields better results.


OK, I will look into getting a M3 or Vibrance. Would you recommend using an electric razor? I have never owned one.
I have considered laser removal but I am a student and do not have alot of money so I’m looking for cheaper options.
Thanks again.

your skin should also adjust to waxing with time- it helps if you have it done the first few times by a professional, I would recommend shaving the whole area then wainting three weeks for the appropreate grow out and then going in for your wax. A lot of times the more sever breakouts are caused by hair being to long or breaking

Electrics can work if you get a good one. I prefer the Braun Activator, either 8585 or 8595. Fior a cheaper option you might try a Remington Women’s razor like the WDF-5500 or similar model. They have all of those at Walmart.

Also check out


OK, thanks for the info RJC and WAAX. I think I will try with a new razor and see how it works for me.
Have you used the razorba? I don’t know how it will work for me , because it seems like it designed to go against the hair. My skin is really sensitive and so I always try to go with the hair to minimize inflammation.

i don’t have enough back hair left to bother with a blade. I run a cheap Remington over it once a week and that works well enough. I asked my laser practitioner if I should get a few laser treatments to finish my back, and she said there is not enough to bother with. She said if I want to finish that area that I should get electrolysis.

I always prefer to shave against the grain with a blade. If you’re going to shave with the grain, you can get better results and less irritation using an electric.

The combination of a Venus Vibrance or M3 Power and Tend Skin after shaving may take care of your irritation problems.



Your skin will get used to shaving, but it will take about 2 to 3 weeks and you need to shave regularly. I would reccomend a quick daily shave with an electric razor and the use of hypoallergenic cream on sensitive areas. I have always found a blade shaves closer (but only a bit closer) and produces more irritation than an electric.

I have only limited experiance with waxing done at home but I did find that it is time consuming, resonably costly, and did produce a lot of redness and bumps on my upper legs after a few days. A good electric razor is also a good “workhorse” and can do just about anything in terms of hair removal. I would reccomend saving some money and buying a good one.