Concerned Boyfriend.

My girl wants to buy one of these contraptions for her, erm, sensitive areas. She has shaved before but hates the hassle of reshaving or feeling stubbly/itchy. I mentioned wax and she cringed.
After reading alot of these post i am now quite concerned. Anyway, if she is going to do this (wich she probably will no matter what i tell her.) What product do you recomend?

Also from what ive read ive gathered that this is somthing you would be better off doing to yourself? I work using a lit magnifying glass and am very good with extremley small items. Of course if this is going to cause her alot of pain i want nothing to do with it.

Ok thanx for your thoughts and advice!

I had good luck with a One Touch home electrolysis unit (see ). I treated myself and experienced very little pain, although everyone is different and you want to start carefully, with low settings.

There’s a lot of discussion of this in the Mature Forum. I’m closing the topic here, since I try to keep this discussion limited to that area of the boards. See you there!