I finally took the plunge and had my chin treated yesterday. it was an initial clearing and took about an hour and a half.

However, today my chin is so swollen. It doesn’t hurt and the skin itself seems to be healing well, aside from a few whiteheads and some redness. My question/concern is if this swelling is normal (from anyones experience)? it is not painful but quite uncomfortable and doesn’t look great.

Also, how long does it generally take for the skin to go back to looking normal?


hey there,
an hour and a half on one area is a long time, no wonder you’re still swollen. swelling is pretty common, especially in the beginning when they’re zapping those thick dark hairs, because those thick suckers are pretty deep. you should put ice on the area to bring down the swelling if it happens next time. ice would probably still help you now, too. i also like putting aloe vera GEL (not lotion) to help heal the skin. clean the area with witch hazel or especially tea tree oil to dissolve those whiteheads. the whole thing will be back to normal in less than a week.
how great do you feel to see a TOTALLY CLEAR CHIN!!! doesn’t it rock! :grin:

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Thank you so much again Susie.
More great insight.
Part of me knows that is should be swollen, but then there is that part of me that thinks something went wrong (and it’s my face!!) I am a hypochondriac as it is LOL so thank you for the reassurance and advice.

It really is a great feeling to know that the hair is/will be gone!! :smile:

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LOL Sujeta,

Do you also practice the ancient art of bloodletting?