I have almost made the decision to do electrolysis on my upper lip and perhaps on my arms, but there are a few last questions that I have. I have used depilatories and some tweezing for a few years, and they haven’t worked well at all. Hair regrowth occurs within a day.

This may sound silly, but my biggest concern about electrolysis is the scabbing, redness, and dark hairs that may show up while they are exiting the skin. There is no way that I can take time off from classes, work, or my boyfriend to prevent embarrassing myself with the after-effects of electrolysis.

I am wondering how other people have fared with this situation.

Also, I am a college student without a ton of money, so that is a concern. :frowning: But I plan on getting married in two years, and I would like to have my hair problems taken care of by then.

Over 90% of my clients have been scab free in the upper lip area. Even if one did have some scabbing, it is something that only lasts a day or three, to a week at most. Most of my clients find that the redness is 75% gone by the end of the appointment, and they leave me either with only enough redness to simulate mild sun exposure, and/or their skin is back to looking normal on the drive home.
Over all, there really have been no lasting side effects that stopped anyone from doing anything in my experience. I have had many a lady do an hour of face work, and go right back to work. Some of them did work that was very dependent on their looking their best and they always assured me that by the time they got to work, no one ever noticed a thing. I believe them, because they never stopped scheduling their appointments back to back with their work hours.
As for money, I would ask how much is it worth to you to have this problem a distant memory on your wedding day? The good news is that you will spend less money on taking care of this permanently via electrolysis than you have spent attempting to covering it up for the past two years.
I have not seen you, and therefore can’t make any statements about your own personal problem, but the last college student I worked on who talked about having a problem like yours was under control in 3 hours of work, spread out over 6 visits. I will see her a few more times over the next 6 months for 15 minutes of clean up and she will be done. I doubt her total clearance time will be more than 5 hours. Can you imagine not worrying about hair removal for 3 months at a time? Now imagine just waking up and not thinking about it at all.

Hi James,
How likely is it that a girl will get strange pigmentation on her face after electrolysis? I have heard sometimes asian skin gets weird white splotches after treatment.


Thank you so much for that reply, James. That’s really the only thing stopping me from coming in to get it done.

But with that sort of answer, I am feeling a lot more positive about it. In fact, I may try to look up your place of business along with some others in the Buffalo/Rochester area.


One advantage of electrolysis over laser is that treated hairs are removed during electrolysis. laser often requires waiting for them to fall out. If you want to walk out without hairs, electrolysis might be a better bet, but be mindful that you may see some scabbing. If this is a big concern, I strongly recommend getting some work done away from your face before committing to work in such a visible area.

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