concealing lip hairs

Does any1 know of any way to make the appearence of lip hairs less visable with concealer or makeup etc??? (i have very thin and dark but visible hairs above my lip)
If ne1 has any good tips/advice it would b real helpful :smile: !

Try using Bleach or other whitener!

Hi there:
I agree, use a lightening bleach. If you have never used it before, make sure you do a test patch first and you should probably use the extragentle one at first. I have found that they can burn your skin easily if used incorrectly. As far as makeup goes… you could use a darker tone of foundation than you would normally and that could lessen the contrast in colors of the hairs and the skin and will not stand out as much. But generally makeup will not hide it and if used incorrectly will actually make it more visible. Have a great holiday :grin:

Uh…I have a question about this too, but I have a natural tan and upper lip hair. It is fine, dark hair but really really visible.