Hello…i have heard some talk on compression vs. sliding. Ive only had 1 treatment and now looking back i cant really remember which technique was used. On my next visit i will be sure to take notice of it. According to what i’ve read on here compression is a far more effective and that sliding might be used to cover a larger area more quickly but not as effective. My question is on my next treatment if i notice sliding instead of compression how should i approach my physician? He does the work himself and has alot of experience not to mention very reputable in the Nyc area. After all he is the expert and who am i to question his technique. I paid for a package deal so im locked in for another 5 visits. Any suggestions on how i should question or approach him with this ? thank you !

BTW laser used Lightsheer diode

Tell you him heard about compression and are wondering why he/she is not using it.

There was a section on it in Lightwave News on the Lumenis site. Lumenis makes the Lighsheer diode laser. There was a section where a Japanese doctor was talking about the importance of using compression.

If you didn’t feel them pressing down with the handpiece which is heavier than other lasers, then they probably did not use compression.


Compression forces blood from the area and condenses the skin, which may help reduce scattering/attenuation of the beam as it enters the skin. that means more laser energy gets deeped in the skin and follicle.