Completely Bare's Epilight™/ QuantumHR™? Any good? ....


And what’s this about Epilight being no good? Thought the FDA approved it? thanks. Thinking about doing a few treatments at this salon.


I’ve also been considering going here… they have slashed prices recently. So, someone please fill us in a bit on their experience with these lasers. I’m off to do some research of my own now, though.


EpiLight is has lower effectiveness and higher side effects according to anecdotal reports. A good practitioner can get a decent result, but it’s easier for someone to mess you up and do a bad job, especially if your skin is darker.

Get a test patch done to be safe.


Hmmm, slashed prices did you say?
When was the last time you saw a plastic surgeon “slash” his prices?

Doesn’t sound like a good omen to me. The lease and royalty payements must be getting to them.