laser spotting on face


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From: Parul Patel []

RE: Complaint about a service I received

Last April thru July I had gone to this doctor’s clinic for treatments for hair removal. On the last treatment, Victoria who performed the procedures, caused brown spots on my face. For a period of 10 months, I have been trying to get these spots removed and going back to this clinic. In the several times I had gone back, all they have done is give me the run around, I had to purchase a gel that they have $50 and have been applying it in many ways. Many ways because I get different versions of how to apply it, in the morning, or morning/night, in the night, with sunblock, with retin-a. I
have tried all ways.

The doctor does not take responsibility for the
actions and has not provided a real method of treatment. Just a run around. In the process he feels threatened when I have shown to be more firm in getting this issue resolved. He said if he should not decide to treat me
further in a different matter other than the usage of this gel, he would return my money. He said this in the presence of his office administrator. Unfortunately, he decided not to treat me further. He had sent me a letter, but my money was not returned back to me. I have made several calls to his office and left messages on his office admin’s voicemail, but she never returns my calls. She finally spoke to me when I called today, she said the
doctor decided not to return my money, and if I want it returned back to me, I would have to write a letter to him.

I have been constantly getting the run around on this issue for a year now and I don’t think this doctor has the right to do this to other people. I’m not sure how many others he has done this to. They should be more sincere in their efforts and they are not. I want my money back. Victoria had realized these spots had taken place when she did the treatments. They now claim that they could’ve been already there and its debatable if this really did happen. This situation is not justified, and I would have appreciated it if they had made a real attempt to resolve this problem, or just returned my money back.

I would like my $350 returned back to me. The doctor said he would if he will not treat me further other than the gel that I was given. I will now have to go to another clinic and pay more money to take care of this problem. In talking to another skin care clinic, they said the gel won’t take care of this problem. That a laser treatment needs to be done to remove these spots. These treatments cost $300 each and I will need couple to several. This doctor ruined my face and can do something, but doesn’t.

This doctor is:

Joseph G. Bauer M.D.
4165 Old Milton Parkway Ste. 100
Alpharetta, GA 30005
770-667-0904 Phone
770-667-0206 Fax

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