Comparison shopping & negotiating

How important is it to negotiate price before starting treatment? If I know where I want to go based on referrals, do I still need to comparison shop so I have other prices to negotiate with? I’m very curious what experiences other people have had. Thanks.

it’s up to you. you can try. you would probably NEED to check out other places and get other quotes to have some negotiating leverage. the most important thing is not the price here though unless it’s outrageous, it’s to make sure you get the best service possible.

If you are going to comparison shop, then shop for the right equipment. Do your homework this is very important.

Make sure they have a Laser not an IPL. Find out if they have FDA approval. Find out how long they have been in business (check the BBB website) find out how many treatments they have done as a company. Will they offer you a free test spot?

Then focus on price. Be sure to match apples to apples.

Compare companies w/similiar equipment etc.

Remember the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best results.

May I point out that the FDA does not APPROVE specific lasers for hair reduction, the FDA CLEARS specific lasers for hair reduction. You may want to read this piece on the FDA’s position:

Also,here is a good overview by Andrea James written in 2001. Being that this piece is five years old, there is the possibilty that some information may not hold true for today??? Still worth a read.

As far as test spots are concerned, here is an interesting read to ponder over written by someone?? who sounds pretty credible:


You have valid points. I recommend the LightSheer based on my and many others results. The FDA has “cleared” it for hair reduction, excuse the term approved if you need that.

The lightsheer is one of the first approved and has a great upgrade helping darker skin types.

If you missed my point, I am simply indicating my experience and my opinion on what to research as you shop for laser hair reduction.

As far as test spots go, i have found that test spotting anyone that has lighter brown or reddish brown hair helps determine the starting fluence which in turn determines results.

Many people are popping up laser clinics on every corner it is important to make sure you have an experienced technician. Some may not require a test spot. I find that I get a more effective starting fluence with one.

You have valid points. I recommend the LightSheer based on my and many others results. The FDA has “cleared” it for hair reduction, excuse the term approved if you need that.

I don’t need “that” play on words to be explained to me because I am pickey or something, but rather, the consumer needs to hear that there is a difference between the FDA clearing a device as oppose to the FDA approving a device. Words have meaning.

I must have hit a nerve with you. In fact my advice was regarding comparison shopping and the importance of what to ask when doing so.

I have read the FDA site before. And I do see your point. It seems that you are really wanting to define “approve” and “clear”. I appreciate you clearing this up. I would never want to recommend something that was only cleared but not approved.

Thanks for your help!

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FDA clearance to market = “we don’t think this will kill you”

FDA approval = “We verify on the credibility of the US government that this is both safe and EFFECTIVE”

words do have meaning, just ask the husband who tries to get away with only saying to his wife, “I like you a lot.” and never “I love you”.