Comparison of clinical trials of laser/IPL

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I used to drop by now and then 3½ years ago around the time when I had my first and second IPL treatment (using Ellipse). Today I had my 3rd, and ironically enough the topic of hair removal using laser/IPL (is it permanent or not ?..) was on the news here in Denmark tonight. One of the doctors they interviewed did a report comparing the results of different clinical trials. Currently it’s available at: Danish TV website

It has a table comparing 30 different studies of trials, so if you are new to the area it might be useful as a source of references to look up.

Forgive my ignorance as a returning newbie if it’s already posted somewhere, the report is a year old, but I was thinking a danish report might not have made it here yet :slight_smile:

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  • Follicula (formerly known as DKgirl)

Thanks. very interesting article.

thanks for pointing out the article, it is interesting seeing how the different clinicla trials are going on especially since there is so much pressure from the potential profit to be made