Common FEMALE places to LASER

From reading the posts, I’ve noticed that the bikini, snail trail and chin are the usual spots women laser…
how common is the snail trail amongst women, and is it one of the more ‘laserable’ things women have done? (am i making sense?? lol) ie: out of all the spots, is the snail trail #1 for laser removal for women? this is a very embarrassing problem, which i should finally take care of! short tops are becoming Veri popular at my latin dance classes… :fearful: uh-oh
how about…God-forbid i say this…lower back fluff? i cant beleive im discussing this! gringes please, LAYDIES, be as brave as I and answer the above Q! i very eargerly await a reply listing all the different places u women out there have lasered!

ps: perhaps even somebody who actually performs laser hair removal may even be able to answer these questions?.. What DO women really have done??? a nice big list would be FAB! lol

As a guy, I just want to say don’t be embarrassed. My Best friend (of 9 years) is a girl (and I am thinking of changing the relationship) and hair is one of the least embarrassing things.

Well we own a laser hair removal clinic
For women the most popular areas are the following
Bikini (3 kinds - basic - brazilian -full - the last two include the anus area)
upper lip
throat area
Breast (areola)
Nose hair
Happy Trail (snail trail)
back of neck

I personally have had my bikini, underarms, legs, and a few minor hairs that have poped up on my face and throat removed. I love it and highly recommend it for everyone. Just the lack of ingrown hairs in my bikini area alone would make me do it even if I had to pay for it -the skin is much smoother and softer and no razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Hope this helps
Patty Sue :smile:

may i add stomach… i got it electrolysized a few years ago (with no regrowth an am very happy). i also got some snail trail electrolysis done on a few stubborn hairs, and brace yourself also on some surrounding nipple hair.
have no shame. we’ve all walked down the hairy trail of embarrassment…
good luck to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Is snail trail the line on your stomach ?

and has any FEMALES had their butt lasered? :confused: I want to have it done … its really embarassing: i have the worst combination: lower back fluff AND hair on butt (really bad) AND stomach hair

anyone else in the same unfortuante position as i am?

You name it, I’ve got it.

I just started, but I plan on doing -
whole face (chin, upper lip, cheeks, neck)
back (I have scattered hair on my upper back and shoulders)
around nipples
legs (from hip to toes)
And if I am brave enough, I will do I bit around my labia.

I am very hairy with thick dark hair.

Sassenach , were we separated at birth?
Its like youre describing me!

What area have you started doing and with what laser?
keep us informed, sister!

I had my first laser treatment today, at Alase in Germantown, MD. The way they do it is there’s a set fee per area. My treatments will total $1820 for 5 treatments, which includes a 25% holiday discount. I didn’t do my research, I just decided to finally do it, so hopefully I’m not getting ripped off.

Here’s the embarrassing confession, to answer an earlier post – the area I’m getting treated is my lower butt (around the creases and between the cheeks) and perianal area. There are many areas I’d love to be hairless, but I figured this is the area I most despise having hair, so it’s the area I’m having done first. It’s going to be worth it in the end, but it had to be the most embarrassing, vulnerable position I’ve ever been in. I was face down on the exam table with my legs spread and the doctor spreading my cheeks to shave me. To make things worse, it was a cute, young, male doctor. It was definitely more embarrassing than a pelvic exam. I think the only reason I was able to face this kind of embarrassment is that a year and a half of nursing school has shown me just how many naked bodies health care providers see in their careers. Even then, it was pretty mortifying. It’ll be worth it in the end if it spares me self-consciousness in the bedroom, right?

So yes, there are other women with hairy butts :wink:


I’m glad to know that I’m not the only girl out there getting the butt lasered!

oh how i love this forum. i wish the best of luck for everyone. you are all amazing.

i’m almost 17 and hopefully when I am 18 I can control some embarassing problems of my own (this includes the infamous snail trail and lower back).
oh how i am sick of shaving!

Well, I’m up there with one of the previous posts…I have various places I’d like to laser:
Face (chin, jaw line, upper lip)
Happy trail down stomach…unfortunately I have coarser hair underneath my bellybutton and finer hair above it…which spreads out pretty much the rest of my upper body. I want to get the coarser stuff lasered but don’t know what to do with the rest because it’s pretty much everywhere. I don’t mind it much anywhere else but in the line down my stomach. I’ve been bleaching all of it forever, but bleach only lasts so long…which is a shame because I’m fine with how it looks bleached.
My chest bone…got a few hairs there.
I also have hairy arms…every day I go back and forth as to whether it bothers me or not…I just want it thinned out and I don’t know if laser would be good for that or if it will look weird.
Stupid Italian roots.
This is all so embarrassing. I have trouble meeting guys, being around guys…and I know that I’m never going to go much farther than just a date here or there because I don’t think any man will okay with this. Ugh. And, to top it all off, I also had horrible acne when I was younger that has left me with scarring in the back of my shoulders and my chest. I feel fine when I’m completely covered up…but I’ll forever be that way, it seems.

At least I can come here and it gives me some hope.