Comet Treatments on Male Buttocks

Hey Guys,

This is a really embarrassing topic and situation, so in the spirit of helping each other out, I thought I’d share my experience with all of you. (Maybe there are some other guys and gals out there in the same boat.)

I’ve been really, really embarrassed by the hair on my buttocks for a long time. It started growing when I was taking a steroid drug called prednisone for severe chronic allergies. I’m no longer taking that medication, but the hair continues to grow and is very dense, coarse, and dark. (Strangely enough, I have no hair on my chest or back.)

It might sound shallow or silly, but this situation has kept me from enjoying so many activities. I’m afraid to go swimming at the gym, because I don’t want to change in front of anyone. When I’ve been in romantic relationships, it’s hard to enjoy intimate moments, since I’m worrying about the other person being able to feel the stubble in that area. (I usually shave.)

As expensive as laser hair removal is, I decided to finally start working on this problem. My local gym advertises that gym members get a 15% discount at American Laser Centers. The American Laser Centers chain was also advertising a 20% discount for this month. (I’m not sure how legit these discounts are, however, since you never get to see the original starting price.)

The local American Laser Center uses the Comet machine (Diode laser + Radiofrequency), which is the machine I was hoping to be using anyway. The price for a package of 6-8 treatments and a 2 year guarantee with free touch ups was $1,400. It’s really expensive, so I’m praying that I’ll have good results.

My first treatment is tomrorow morning. I shaved the area tonight and bought some lidocaine ointment, in anticipation of the pain. I’ll be sure to let you all know how the session goes and to keep you updated on my progress.

I hope this will be of some help to all you guys/ladies out there in similar situations. Take care! :wink:

I highly recommend for you to have at least 3 more consultations and compare with private clinics rather than going blindly with this chain. Depending on the location, the reviews can be ok or highly negative. It’s an expensive procedure and I would advise you to look into other options and compare prices and tech’s experience, as well as lasers used. What is your skin and hair type? What color is the hair? Did you read the Sticky post on this forum with FAQs? I highly recommend that you do to answer all of your questions.

I’m a girl with a hairy butt, and I had one laser treatment 6 weeks ago on my butt. Results are pretty good so far. I was treated with a GentleLASE laser at 14 joules. As for using numbing cream on the butt, I found it highl unnecessary because the butt is one of the least sensitive areas, at least that’s what I find it to be. Good Luck!

Hey Everyone.

I just got back from my first treatment and I have to say that I’m very dissappointed.

First off - the treatment hurt A LOT. I even covered the area with an over the counter lidocaine cream before the appointment. I usually have a very high pain tolerance, but this was really hard to get through. Strangely enough, the most sensitive area was not the buttock itself, but the area of thigh skin immediately below. (Upper thigh.)

Second - The technician was horrible. I already felt embarraased enough going in there to have this area treated and she made it even worse. She was really hesitant the whole time and while speaking with me beforehand she was obviously very uncomfortable. (I was told by the sales lady that this was a very common area for men to have treated, so I assumed that the technician wouldn’t be weirded out.)

Because of HER obvious discomfort, I never had the guts to ask her to include the area between the buttocks during the treatment. (What’s reffered to on other webpages as the “anal cleft.”) All she treated was the cheeks themselves… and it felt like the zapped spots were pretty far apart. Everytime she moved the laser head after zapping, it felt like she moved a good 1-2 inches away from the previously treated area. Now I’m worried that the skin wasn’t treated evenly and it will grow back spotty. The entire treatment only took 15 minutes, so I’m guessing she just rushed through this…

Now I don’t know what to do. I’m going to call and see if I can get at least a partial refund. I’m a student so this was quite an investment on my part and I feel so stupid now for signing up with these people.

Do any of you out there have any suggestions? I was treated at the Plano, Texas area American Laser Centers. If I can’t get a refund, do you think I could find a better technician in the Dallas area center? (They say you can transfer your treatment plan to any other American Laser Center in the country.)

I’ve also heard of a gay-owned dermatologists office in Dallas called Advanced Skin Fitness. I’m a straight male, but I’d feel much more comfortable dealing with people who are matter-of-fact about this and don’t make me feel like I’m grossing THEM out! (On the Advanced Skin Fitness page, they are very explicit about the areas they treat for males, so I’m guessing they’re much more comfortable with this.)They use the GentleLase laser, which I’ve heard hurts a lot less…

Any advice from you guys would be GREATLY appreciated. (Especially any of you in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.)

several things:

– it’s almost impossible to get a refund from these people from others’ experiences on here, even BEFORE getting any treatments from them, which others have tried. (i.e. they signed, but never actually had a treatment)

– i’m sure they have many techs at the place, so i would ask for the most experienced one next time. actually, i would probably explore their other location in the area as well and try to use one that uses LightSheer, and not a Comet (you never said what your skin and hair type are which is how you determine the laser type needed, but since they are both diodes, I would go with the most proven one, which is a LightSheer and I believe some of their locations carry that)

– in order for you to have any room to argue that your treatment didn’t go well, you need to wait 2-3 weeks for shedding to occur. you can’t prove that what she did was blotchy until whatever will shed does. everything else you’ll be able to see at that point was missed during the treatment.

–Effective treatments are SUPPOSED to hurt. If it’s painless, the settings are probably not high enough to cause any damage to the follicles. It doesn’t vary that much between lasers. So, the pain is actually a good thing in your case. 15 mins is kind of short for that entire area. I would say it should take 25-30 if they’re being VERY careful and treating every spot. You SHOULD be able to go in and ask for the perianal area to be treated if that was originally discussed as part of this price.

In general, this once again confirms what I say over and over again and hopefully it will be a lesson to others: RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH before you committ thousands of dollars. You wouldn’t spend thousands on a car without researching, this is even more delicate of an issue!

Have you ever taken a good look at your butt?

I think you should bend down with your butt in front of a mirror and look over to see what’s going on.

I have type 3 skin, but on the butt crack line and around the anus, my skin is darker, so maybe yours is too dark to be teated too.

Also, some places charge the butt cheeks and in between the butt (perianal) as two different places. Dr. Babapour (the LHR doctor lagirl sees and I will soon be seeing) charges $125 for the butt cheeks and $50 for the perianal area.

American Laser is the worst chain. I have had 11 treatments and a patchy disfigured beard with hypopigmentaion, scarring, and the worst pain I ever felt in my life during each treatment!