Combining Electrolysis with medication

Hello everyone,

I have been advised by my doctor to start taking Diane 35 (or Diannette as its called here) as well as getting electrolysis. I’m worried by taking the medication i will limit the amount of hair the electrolysis will treat and then eventually when i come off the diane 35 all the hair will grow back.

Has anyone had experience with using both methods at the same time?

Thank you


Don’t be worried that the b/c pill will slow your hair growth, that’s a plus. You can safely have electrolysis on the hair that you currently have and those hairs will stay away permanently. If after you stop taking the Diane 35 you should start to grow new hair in the same general area, electrolysis will then remove the new, emerging hairs at that time.

You did not mention what the original reason for going on the Diane 35 is. Is it for hirsuitism, acne, birth control…?

I am going on the Diane 35 for hair reasons. My hormone levels have come back completely normal but they think it may help.

I am just worried that i will get full clearance with electrolysis and in a few years when i may want to have children all my hair problems will come back.

I think that maybe it would be better to get rid of the problem completely now with electrolysis so i would not have to worry about what would happen when i stopped taking the medication.

I see what you are saying, you don’t want to have to do electrolysis again later if the supressed hair shows up when you are no longer medicated. If it were me, i would ask the doctor ir you can wait a year to start taking the medecine. or if you are taking in ONLY for the hair problem, then what is hte point of doing that since electrolysis will take care of the hair? Unless there is something that i’m not understanding, it seems to me that the medecine is aimed at people who are not willing to have a permanent hair removal program.

That was what i was thinking too…
If i am dedicated to getting full clearence with electrolysis i dont see the point of the medication.

The only thing that concerns me is that i might get new hair growth if i do not take the medication and even my doctor does not know if this will happen.

I see… that’s true too. Personally, i think that you should read that treat about medical coverage for electrolysis, and have your doctor submit a claim for the price of your treatment since he will be using the treatmetn to monitor your condition.

And then both you and the doctor will be able to see if new hair does grow out next year or not. Since you said that your hormonal levels are now at normal, then it really should not. But having electrolysis done ALONE without anything else that may affect its results, will be a good test of your condition.

That’s what i think.

The problem about health insurance is that i live in the UK and our insurance companies do not cover hair removal at all. Especially as i do not have an underlying condition. My doctor has said that all we can do is say that it is Hirsutism, but not PCOS or anything else. Do you still think i have a chance in claiming the money back??

well, it’s the same exact thing here. Insurance does not pay for electrolysis USUALLY, unless it’s prescribed by the doctor as a diagnostic method (just as blood tests are). Hirutism can be caused by many hormonal unbalances, not just PCOS. I don’t have PCOS fr example, but a condition called hyperprolactinemia, which is the production of too much prolactin by the pituitary gland.

Like I said, read the thread on insurances and you will see what it takes to at least try and get it covered.

I’m trying right now.

I will definitely try… but my insurance company does not cover electrolysis for any underlying problem. Its a nightmare.

And treatment is more expensive here too than in the US. But i am determined to start treatment as I have waited so long to have the courage to finally do something about my hair that nothing can stop me now.

Thanks so much for your help.