college fellow who just can't put up with unibrow no more

i have unibrows… well, i actually have really bushy eyebrows like a caveman or something. I do pluck between the eyebrows so I can actually have 2 eyebrows instead of one but being a guy and all, it looks pretty ovbious and far from being look perfect or natural… i don’t really mind, nor my friends but the girls i hang out with always tells me that they get this crazy urge to pluck them. Quite embarassing really. So i am actually planning to call up a dermatologist (physician) that i found in yellowpage and call them to see what can be done.

do you guys think i can have the “clean-up” natural look? what kind of laser should i do or how much would it cost?
i did some search and i just wanted to make sure…

thank you everyone

for such a small area and because it’s close to the eyes, you should get electrolysis. It’s also an area where precision matters, and that’s very hard to achieve with laser. Check out the electrolysis part of this forum for more information on that. Dermatologist is not a hair technician. You need to find an electrologist if you’re looking for permanent removal. you do need to understand that it will take 9-12 months to be completely done though. Btw, I’ve got several male friends who just get their eyebrows waxed every 1.5 months or so and are fine with it. If you’re looking for a temporary method and don’t want to commit to permanent hair removal which takes money and commitment, that’s an option as well.