Please bear with me as I know I am posting something that may have shown up before, but empathize and realize that I am extremely anxious and afraid and just need answers.

I posted a picture of some minor pitting at the corners of my mouth yesterday. A bit of research taught me that pitting can lead to collagen loss which leads to rapid onset of premature wrinkles. Attached again is the picture. PLEASE someone help me understand the likelihood of this happening to me. PLEASE?

Understand that I am an extremely anxious individual and actually cried whilst looking these things up.

Please? Crying.

Ok and maybe I need to narrow down what I’m asking. Is it OVERTREATMENT that causes collagen loss? Like too many treatments at one time? Or can a few ‘fatal insertions’ cause it as well. I have this idea that the woman’s needle was like a needle letting the air out of a balloon…

Looking only at your photo I can say with certainty that you are not experiencing “collagen loss.”

Looks like a “hole” where a scab was removed? Check your PM …

Sorry to bring back an old post…but will ‘holes’ where scabs have been removed ever fill back in to look normal again?

It depends how deep the pit is. With normal process of skin cell production and normally occurring exfoliation, shallow pits will slowly fade.