Cold Sores

Wow new here and getting a lot of needed info. LAgirl seems to know her stuff.

Anyway I really want to do this laser hair removal thing for my face but after hearing about how it can cause a cold sore, fever blister, herpes sore or whatever you want to call it outbreak to form if you had history of them. Mine are very bad and nasty. Started when I was in the 6th grade and had about a total of 5 outbreaks over a 16 year period. I realize how bad it will suck now having no hair to hide it now. So happy I don’t get sores on my lip but its close enough.

Just wanting to know do any of you guys have experience with this or was the doctor able to give you meds that prevented the sores from forming?

I don’t perform LASER, but it appears that the heat generated from the electrolysis procedure can cause the virus to activate sometimes. One of my clients does take medication to diminish the occurrence of cold sores before having electrolysis on her lip area. It seems to help, according to my client.

Maybe I can help based on my experiences. I don’t know what I get, but sometimes I do break out, I get little pimples that look like white heads. Cold sores I think are just around the mouth aren’t they? When I break out they’re white heads on my chin or neck sometimes which sound sort of like what you’re describing. However, I find it’s only sometimes.

When I go for treatment, they use numbing cream on my face then wrap it in saran wrap for 10-30 minutes. I think that’s problem #1 right there since the numbing cream is sort of greasy, then you’re wrapping it with saran wrap, that’s a recipe for a breakout. They take the saran off, and then put ultrasound gel on my face for the treatment without wiping off any numbing cream. They do the treatment, then use a wet towel to wipe my face, then apply lotion and sunscreen etc.

I find if I just go home and leave it, the next day I have those pimples. They only last maybe 3 days and they’re gone. I’ve found though on the times that as soon as I get home, I’ve washed my face with cold water and a light soap like Cetaphil (which I used when on accutane), then apply ice for awhile, it doesn’t happen. So I think it’s just from putting the greasy stuff on my face then never washing it off. Either way it only lasts maybe 3 days and isn’t really that noticeable or anything though.

Edokid, your points about pimples are spot on, but cold sores and pimples are totally unrelated. Pimples are bacterial, cold sores are viral. They are caused by the oral version of the herpes virus, if you’ve heard of genital herpes for a reference. Most people acquire it while in kindergarten or grade school due to it’s common and contagious nature, then it lies dormant in the body with no cure. Certain things can cause an “outbreak” and apparently the heat from the laser is one of those things (I had no idea that could happen, it’s interesting!)

Beetlejuice- Just take meds to suppress it, and use topical creams if you do get an outbreak, I guess. Can you just stay quite far away from the mouth area and only treat your cheeks? Or does your lip need treatment, too?

Kitty the areas I want treated are the sides of my mouth going straight down to the sides of my chin which is the area where I have cold sores. I have bad luck so I feel that for some reason the meds i’m given will not stop the outbreak. I would be cool with it happening like once or twice but if it happens after every session I got to rethink this decision.

I just want my hair in those areas to be fine hairs so I can get rid of my ingrown hair problem and finally have a close shave.

Dfahey has your client meds stopped the outbreak everytime? Or is she just one of those people that get those small little cold sores?

Bettle, are you female or male? Is all the hair dense and coarse?

LAgirl I’m a dark skin black male. So I have that rough hard hair like most other black guys in the areas on the side of my mouth and sides of my chin.

Cold sores… Just for “entertainment purposes only” one might want to dab Tea Tree Oil directly on the sores, when they come, or when you feel a tingle starting. One might also want to get 1,000 milligram (1 gram) tablets of amino acid L-Lysine and take 4 to 6 a day, spread out over the day. One to two Red Marine Algae pills a day would do well, (one in the morning, and one at night) and if you can find it, DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) and dab that on the eruption site either when you feel a tingle, and/or when you have a sore. Continuing on the Lysine and Red Marine Algae for 90 days is usually enough. Although Lysine needs are based on weight, in the worst case, a woman would need 15 grams a day, and a man between 25 and 30. Smaller doses just take longer to work.

You know, the previous was just “for entertainment purposes only” :wink:

If you’re going to do laser, which helps with ingrowns a lot, make sure it’s ONLY an ND: Yag laser. Coolglide, GentleYAG, Apogee Elite, GentleMAX, Sciton are some Yag models.

The laser practice will ask you to pre-medicate. You can get the prescription from either their medical director or your own physician.

Ok got my first session Wednesday. Test spot I got about 4 weeks ago seem to work out fine. In the first 2 weeks the hair shed and I have been hairless in that spot going on 2 weeks now. It’s a pretty sight having that bald spot under my chin when I let my hair grow out.

Ok I got my valacyclovir now just wondering should I take it a day before, the day of, or until I feel a cold sore coming on?

Now that I think about it I can’t wait until I feel it coming on right? I mean I am going to have that burning and tingling feeling on my face anyway right?

Did you ask your clinic? They should be aware of everything you’re taking.

She said before I do treatment, but the pharmacist at the store were I went to get it said not until I show signs. However, the pharmacist at my store said take before too so I already started to take it 2 vs 1. Got my first session today. I’m good now thanks for your reply though.