Cold laser?

I made an appointment to see someone who uses a “cold laser” for microdermabrasion and hair reduction. Is this the same thing as IPL? I’m a little confused. I know about the lightsheer, comet, and etc, but I don’t really know about this “cold laser” thing. She told me today that you shave before the hot laser and wax before the cold laser. Any ideas?


Sounds fishy. Ask what the device’s brand name is.

sometimes they refer to the cooling device that a lot of lasers have. cold is not the name for a laser though, ask for a type and a brand name.

I’ve actually heard about it before. My electrolosist (is that what you call her?) has started using it after electrolosis treatments, but she started just after I stopped seeing her. I was happy with the results I got from electrolosis, but I had a little bit of a tough spot and couldn’t afford it any longer. I’ll call the lady back today and find out the name of her machine.

OK, this “cold laser” is the same thing as a low level laser. They put the photoreactive gel on you and the aim is to hit the follicles in the anager stage. You wax to put as many follicles as possible into the anagen stage before the treatment. I guess you can shock them into growing or something. Anyway, I’m desperate at this point and I am at least going to go to the consult with the esthician. Wish me luck!

my advice would be not to jump into something like this because of ‘desperation’. waxing beforehand sounds fishy too. you can’t do it in between treatments and you will need several to catch hairs in all phases of growth. why not go with an alex or a diode or a yag laser if you really want results? going with a cheap low energy laser will probably not produce results anyways if it doesn’t have enough power to actually kill the hair, which most cheap lasers don’t. let us know how it goes though if u go through with it.

It’s only indicated for hair reduction, and I’m not going in expecting a miracle. The reason I don’t go in for the diode laser is that I live in Alaska, and there is only one place that offers it. They use the LightSheer, and I cannot afford $600 per treatment just for my chin <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

all lasers are only approved for “reduction”. that doesn’t mean you will actually get it, whether you are using this laser or LightSheer etc as you can see by reading these boards. results vary from person to person and usually depend on the experience of the technician performing the treatment in addition the to type of laser. usually, the experienced and knowledgeable techs don’t use lower quality lasers anyway, so a good way to actually get results is to judge based on the experience of the tech. by the way, if you haven’t done that already, do a provider search on the laser manufacturers’ websites, like Candela or Cutera websites, to see if many there are others offering better lasers even in Alaska. good luck.

She’s using the Phytoscan HFD which I don’t think is actually a “laser” device. I think it’s one of those photoepilator thingies that doesn’t really have a track record of working.