Coarse leg stubal after just a few hours how can help this?

I have been shaving my legs since I was about 12, I’m 22 now and hate shaving every day just to have stubble a few hours later. I tried waxing for a while but the waiting time in-between was hard. Is there any thing you could suggest for my coarse hair dilemma. :confused:

I don’t know what to do… but I totally sympathize. doesn’t it suck? I’ve got dark brown curly hair… and super pale skin… and I can shave like it’s going outta style, and I can’t ever get my legs to look hairless. they’ll feel smooth for about two hours… but it’s very frustrating.

Then you may want to remove the hair permanently via electrolysis. You will never have to shave again, no more stubble, will always look and feel perfectly clear and smooth. Finding a competent electrologist is crucial to your success.

Good luck!

The ONLY PERMANENT METHOD OF HAIR REMOVAL IS ELECTROLYSIS…When performed by a competent operator. Patients want a “quick fix” for a problem they had for a number of years… IT AIN’T going to happen. You have to decidxe what is more important…those new shoes or dress or electrolysis. It’s your call.

Males who convert to females can spend more for electrolysis than for the operation, however, for these patients… IT IS WORTH IT and they remove hair from their ENTIRE BODY.

Stop complaining and do something about your problem. The hair will NOT go away by itself. If the hair is a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) this is a diagnosable and treatable medical disorder that is covered by medical insurance. They try to get out of this by calling it a cosmetic problem but this is just their way of “screwing ” you again.

There is a principle in law called “industry precedent”. This means… if one company pays…they ALL HAVE TO PAY”. I have copies of checks from a number of companies that we sued. In Massachusetts the consumer laws allow TRIPLE damages PLUS ATTORNEY”S FEES and when the companies know the insured is aware of this they do not put up as much resistance. We ALWAYS REFUSE TO SETTLE. WE WANT FULL PAYMENT UNDER THE LAW.