Close Shave???

I’ve been shaving for more than 2 months now (getting IPL done) my upper lip and chin. For the last month or so I’ve been really having trouble with my chin. I shave my upper lip twice a week but ahve to do the chin every day. The hair grows back in 12 hours and I’m just not able to get a close shave. Even after shaving there is still a stubble. The hair is really hard and course and thick.

I’m using a Gillete Fusion razor with I think 4-5 blades. I have tried lots of others. The disposable ones are the worst. Most lady shavers aren’t that great either. This one seemed good in the beginning but now I’'m just not able to get rid of that bit of a stubble (not even with a brand new blade).

I use a shaving gel. I.e. it looks like a gel but then starts foaming when I spread it out.

I shave as soon as I come out of the shower. I normally shave against the growth of hair. Is that ok?

Any advice? How can Ig et a closer shave???

Thanks :slight_smile:

people will tell you to shave with the grain as it can cause rashes and ingrown hairs if you go against the grain, although i too shave against purely because if i dont it doesnt even look like ive had a shave.

Most important thing is preperations, hot water soap and a buffer usually works well. Also i would recommend King of Shaves shaving gel, it wont foam up and you can see where your shaving. I have tried many many gels and this is by far the best.

I shave everyday and it really hurts but ive learnt to live with it now.

Hi Chris, thanks very much for your reply. What is a buffer? And when do you use soap? Do you mean I should clean the area first with hot water and soap and then apply the shaving gel? I shave immediately after showering so that should be fine.

I’m sorry shaving hurts you every day. For me, it doesn’t really seem to trouble my skin that much but I’m just not able to get rid of that stubble, even with a new blade.


I have a buffer/lufer(not sure on the spelling) type thing like a cleansing pad i apply to my wet skin, rubbing quite agressively with soap this should get the hairs to stand up. Then apply gel over the top and then shave. (check out king of shaves its really good)

Thing is with me i can shave ultra close but if i go too close the hairs actually go under the skin and cause spots when they regrow.

The only other thing i can think of is always replace blades as often as can afford. I also use a fusion but have to replace every 4 days which is costly.


If the hair was affected with IPL, then it appears more coarse and singed and is on its way out to shed. You should be able to pull on the hair and it should slide out without resistance after about 1.5 weeks. And it’s normal not to be able to get a close shave after the hair is singed.

Best way is to shave with a 3-4 blade razor, against the grain, after soaking the hair for 5-10 mins in warm water.

Thank you LAGirl and Chris :slight_smile:

I’ll try the buffer. However, do you think it might interfere with the roots of the hair? I’m not using any scrub or exfoliating washes either on my face so that I don’t disturb the roots. (Does that make sense actually or am I just being paranoid?? ) :slight_smile:

My hair was coarse and difficult to shave even before IPL but I’m hoping that in a couple of weeks the hair really will fall out and then I won’t have to shave so often anymore. Maybe I’m not getting a close shave because right now I’m shaving every day.

My Gillette fusion razor has 5 blades. Are there any 3-4 blades razors that you can recommend?

Hi Fluffy:

The fusion is a good razor, so stick with it.

You should probably first wash your face with warm soap and water. This will help soften the hair.

Rinse with warm water and leave the face wet.

Apply as good gel such as Satin Care liberally and lather it up and spread it over the entire area to be shaved.

Next shave with the grain. You might have to pass over the area more than once. After you have done your whole face then rub your hand over the area where you think is stubbly.

If it still feels stubbly then wet and lather that area and shave against the grain which should get rid of the stubbly feeling when you next run your hand over it.

I’d pass on the buffer pad though since it’s not usually part of an everyday shaving routine. Also replace your blades when they get duller and less effective. Always use a quality gel too.


Thanks Alicia. I will try that :slight_smile:

Hi, just wanted to give a quick update and say a huge thank you for all your suggestions.

Chris, I am doing now everything you suggested. I soak my face in the shower, scrub it gently with soap and a loofah, and I’m using King of Shaves shaving gel (not the one with menthol in it though). I wait for a few minutes (in case the skin enhancing surfactants…whatever that is need some time to work on the skin) and then shave against the grain. So far, it has worked really well. I get a much, much closer shave and cut myself less. My skin also doesn’t seem that irritated. After shaving I wash the shaving gel off with cold water and then apply aloe vera. Maybe that helps too.

I’m so glad I’ve found this site. :slight_smile: