Clinics that use conservative settings and won't go higher!

I was reading through some past posts and came across one post which pointed out that a certain clinic would only perform LHR at a conservative setting and not go higher.

I was thinking of getting LHR done at the Leeds clinic of the Lasercare chain (or SK:N as they are known) and as this clinic is attached to a hospital I’m a bit concerned they will have a recommended limit on high they will go.

I was wondering if any one else has come across something like this? I’m just worried that a conservative setting will equal a waste of time if the energy is too low.

Any thoughts?

yes, there are people operating lasers out there who would rather be conservative and avoid potential lawsuits than try to do what’s best in their patients’ interest in order to remove the hair (what they’re paying for). It’s hard to convince those people otherwise. One way to do it is to have them do test spots so that they can see your skin can handle it. That might make them more ok with it. Otherwise, just find a clinic that will.

i have just had my first treatment with lasercare in manchester and they used the apogee 12 mm 22 j spot size. i had a patch test beforehand. when i was having the treatment on 22 j they did another patchtest for 24 j. they will then increase the joules to 26j and so forth.

i am waiting to she what the shedding is like…if i am disappointed i plan to call them and ask for a patch test for 26j so maybe i can proceed with that rather than the 24j.