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Hi. This may sound strange, but I am a 21 year old college student desperately seeking to have the hair on my chest removed. I’ve had my abodmen waxed without a problem, but no matter what I do, waxing the upper portion of my chest results in a breakout. The problem is, I certainly can’t afford laser. I would however be willing to participate in a clinical trial. You know, like where people go have a face-lift for free at a teaching hospital. I was wondering if anoyne here knew of any such thing in regards to laser hair removal in the New Jersey area.
Thanks for your help!
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Most trials are over at this point, since the technology is considered mature. You might contact the manufacturers, as well as physicians who have published papers on it. Local universities may have teaching programs for interns and residents, but you usually have to pay for these. You might look for places that do laser training seminars-- they might need guinea pigs for people who have never fired lasers before. Again, the manufacturers have this information.