Clifton Park: Electrolysis Advantage- Lisa A. McCarthy, M.S., CPE

Electrolysis Advantage Treatment Center<br>
<em>Lisa A. McCarthy, M.S., CPE</em><br>

<p> Clifton Park, NY<br>
(518) 383-9652<br>
website: <FONT face=Arial></FONT>
<p> Hours:<br>
Day, Evening, Weekends
[li]First Treatment 5-10 additional minutes free, after treatment supplies also [/li] provided at no charge </li>
[li] $1/Minute plus $5 </li>[/li][/LIST]
<p>Description of Practice:</p>
[li] Board Certified Professional Electrologist </li>[/li] [li]Located just off Rt. 146, 1 mile from Clifton Park Town Hall </li>[/li] [li]The Utmost Sanitary Environment </li>[/li] [li]CDC Approved Sterilization </li>[/li] [li]Disposable Probes </li>[/li] [li]State of the Art Equipment </li>[/li] [li]Peaceful, Relaxing Atmosphere </li>[/li] [li]Free Consultation and Demo </li>[/li] [li]Member of American Electrology Association (AEA) & New York Electrology Association (NYEA)<br>[/li] </li>
<p>**For every $250 in paid services, an additional 15 minutes free.</p>
<p>This Certified Professional Electrologist keeps current with all research and
development related to Electrolysis. <br>