Cleveland, Ohio - any recommended electrologists?

I need outer ear and middle of unibrow hair removal. Anyone recommend someone in Cleveland?

Although I have not had the pleasure of having her work on me yet, I send everyone I know in that area who isn’t making the trip to Buffalo to:
Mary Federico CPE
23300 Chagrin Blvd Suite G14
Cleveland OH 44122

She is a fine person and a respected electrologist. Let us know about your experience.

Well, finally, I went to Mary Federico for my first ever cosmetic procedure of any kind today, April 15th 2003.

I decided to get the hair on the back of my neck removed first and wait and see how it goes in terms of scars and other reactions if any at all. Then I can do the more sensitive and visible ears and maybe eyebrows during the next procedure.

Back to Mrs. Federico! She has 25 yrs of experience in the field and tons of certifications and endorsements in her office waiting room. All the magazines in the waiting room were meant for women, not surprising when she told me 90 percent of her clients are women.

I asked Mary about the possibility of removing my beard, but she was reluctant, saying it would take a very long time. This was nice to hear in a way, since it made me trust her more because a money-minded person would love to do a procedure that would take a long time. As it is, I wasn’t serious about getting rid of the beard since am not sure I would like a hairless face either. I just hate shaving every day and I am only 24 so it will probably grow even faster.

The procedure to remove my back of neck hair lasted for 30 mins since that is Mary’s limit right now per session. It cost $38, which is okay if it works. It was moderately painful, but nothing major. Mary uses what she called “steady state” equipment instead of more recent computer controlled machinery. We did blend electrolysis, which is generally what she prefers.

A surprising thing I had to do was hold on to a connecter type cylindrical object attached to a wire to “complete the circuit”. Strange, but not any kind of inconvenience. If i didn’t hang on to the object, the electrolysis would be only thermolysis instead of a blend of thermolysis and galvanic.

The one thing I have realized - cleaning my lower back and sides of stomach and beard would take ages and ages of time and pain. I doubt that I will do most of that. Initially, hearing Fino Gior’s speed of removal stories, I was thinking of doing it. But with financial constraints and the scary thought of the time commitment, I guess I will just wait till they come up with a drug or maybe my hormones die down a bit and I get natural hair reduction.

Going back to the back of my neck, the hair there is not as much as I have seen in some other guys, but it is still more than in the average man. I just had a haircut four days ago, but the regrowth was enough for Mary to remain busy throughout the half hour.

After the procedure, she recommended some kind of ointment for $20 that she had. I said I wanted something cheaper and she told me to get Sea Breeze astringent from a pharmacy. I got it for $5 from CVS, although I bet you can get something from the dollar store that is as good.

Coming back to work (after dabbing on some Sea Breeze at home) I noticed that there was significant redness on the back of my neck. In fact, a few people at work who saw it couldn’t stop staring! I suppose it is normal, but I might have sensitive skin since I get some facial color changes too while shaving. My skin is very clear and blemish or acne free. I don’t know if feminine type skin is weaker though, since women do all kinds of painful cosmetic things to their faces and never seem to get permanent scars!

One interesting thing - I told Mary that my mom and dad were both mostly body hairfree, and she said its usually genes that cause hairiness, or that I had too much testosterone. Actually, too much testosterone does not mean excess body hair. It is too much DHT that causes hairiness as far as I know, and DHT also causes male pattern baldness. DHT is what testosterone gets converted into – although there is no link between the amount of testosterone in someone’s body and amount of DHT.

Otherwise, I can’t comment much on the results yet. Mary did show me a lot of the hair that was pulled out and answered all my questions during the procedure. She won’t give me a discount even if I have many procedures, but if the end result is good, I can live with it.

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Speed is possible in thermolysis for large areas. Fino and I also perform multiple hour treatments regularly. You can still consider clearing those large areas if the work is done in thermolysis. The proceedure would most likely be even more comfortable with a computerized machine and gold probes.

You can’t be skimpy on your aftertreatment. Although I am not saying that you need to spend $100 on aftertreatment potions, you should not be so focused on price that you cheat yourself out of a quick return to normal skin. Cheap cortisone creams can be had for a dollar or two, and are mostly petroleum. Spend a little bit more, and you get an Aloe based Cortisone that will help the skin heal, in addition to lowering the irritation. A little Tea Tree Oil overnight works wonders as well, but some people don’t like the scent of the stuff.

I don’t know what Mary offered you as an after treatment, but you would likely have had less swelling and the redness would have gone away much sooner. Most of my clients leave the office with very little to no swelling, and the skin is either looking normal, or just a little ruddy when we are done.

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I had my second procedure on Friday April 25th after soem confusion with rescheduling. Again, we spent half an hour on the back of the neck and didn’t have time for ears. Mary says she prefers to get one job done at a time and I wanted everything done in one go! This time, the pain was slightly greater, but the swellind lasted only a day or two. After that, it seems like I have very small swollen dots on the back of my neck, but no redness.

Next appointment is this coming Friday and maybe I can get ears done!