Clearing, Marathon Sessions, and TRAVEL


So I have FINALLY saved up about 5k to spend solely on electrolysis.
I plan on doing the following in order of importance: chin, upper/lower lip, stray hairs along the “treasure trail” xD,bikini, arse crawrk,all of lower arm, and some of upper arm.

A TON of work.

So I am hoping a pro electrolysis would help me to get an idea of the best plan of attack etc. I am planning on visiting James during my reading week in 2 months and need to know how long I should expect to stay etc, and if I should start bumming for more money.

I am female with fine hairs on u/l lip, a few thick ones on chin(maybe 15-20?) and they rest are fine hairs.

I can add photos if it would be significantly more helpful.

Thanks -x

pictures are ALWAYS more helpful.

Ooooh pictures would be great, since I want to get all of those areas done too, minus the bikini and crack( i’ll try laser there first) and hopefully you’ll be similar to me in density so I’ll know what kind of commitment I could be looking at!

I might be jumping the gun here and I’m not an electrologist but I think 5000 dollars will be more than plenty for you for the areas you’ve quoted.