Clear Root?


I saw an informercial on TV last night advertising a gadget that looks like a cross between roller and razer, that you roll over your skin and it is supposed to remove your hair (gently) from the roots. I think it was called the Clear Root. Anyone heard about this product? These informercials really make these products (like Epil Stop 'n Spray) look like a godsend, but…
Also, I saw another one advertising a new (European) product called Veet Mousse that you spray on like shaving cream, wait a few minutes and then wash away in the shower with a cloth or sponge. Again, it looks so easy and effortless. Any comments on these two products?


Sounds like the EZ Root:

EZ Root website

I’ve never tried one of these, but it’s sort of like a rotary epilator without the motor. Lookls like instead of the rows of metal tweezers found in rotary epilators, this device uses a semi-sticky latex-like material which grasps hairs and pulls them out by the root.

Their claims that it’s “painless” are certainly an exaggeration, but it might be an interesting thing to try. My concern is durability-- is it still as effective after numerous uses, or after washing?

Anyway, let’s all keep an eye on this one!


Oops, missed your Veet question.

Some consumers have submitted Veet reports in the Depilatory forum.

Maybe not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it’s definitely been a good product for some of our fellow members.