Clean + Easy

Does anyone know if the Clean + Easy home electrolysis kit is the same/better/worse than the One Touch? This one is the only one I can find in my area.

I think the reason you have not received a responce to this question is that you need to post this one in the Do It Yourself portion of the site. My standard advise is find a good pro and get it done right the first time. If you insist on doing this without a pro, then don’t DIY, find a buddy to partner up with, read electrolysis texts books, and Do Each Other instead. You will get more hairs done per session, and there will be less chance of negative side effects.

The unit appears to be just like the one touch, but our resident expert on this field is “No Hair” and you will find him in the DIY Electrolysis section, or you can send him a Personal Message. He maintains a web site and group for folks who want info on this subject.

Michelle, I have never seen “in real life” the Nice & Easy electrolysis kit you talked about nor heard reviews about it, but I have seen the ads of it on the Net (just looked for it) and it looks pretty similar / the same than the One Touch. Check epinions or ebay for bids on it… maybe you can even email some of the people who are buying or trying to get rid of either to find out why they chose to buy it / get rid of it.

Either way, whether exactly the same as the One Touch or a little better or worse, it doesn’t look like scam to me.

But don’t buy Finally gone hair removal systems .
it doesn’t work at all & Just becarful of anything
made by IGIA I loss $44 Bucks on this system good luck with your search . roc

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