Clean and (not so) Easy Wax Roller

It’s returnable…but just in case I am using it wrong I thought I’d ask here. I have the electric, portable roll-on electric waxer by Clean and Easy (I was lured by their new packaging and multi-lingual information). How long do you wait between pressing the cloth strip on and pulling it off (I am just practicing on my legs, but would like to do under arms, bikini etc.)? Does the wax get hot enough? Any hints on how to clean the rollers? Is it best just to skip these “easy” methods and go to the Kalo potted wax and just increase my skill? Thank You!

Tess, that’s the kind I like personally. The timing on everything takes a little practice and trial & error. You should press the strips in firmly, rubbing down in the direction of the hair. I usually let them set for a few seonds, then start pulling. If you do it right, you can test it by lifting up slightly before you pull the whole strip off, eventually you can kind of tell by look and feel if it’s ready to be pulled. Be patient-- the wax tubs have the same issue. It just takes a little time before you’re able to do it like a pro.