Clean and Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

who can tell me something about this product?
is the same with “one touch home electrolysis”?

I find it on this website ,onlyone who send orders in my country.…ecordID=2210777

Don’t do it! All of these low priced units are junk. I assume you are outside the US. If so, you can get a good used Sterex unit for a very reasonable price. It isn’t worth getting these chepo scam units because as they may remove some hair permanantly, it isn’t worth the scarring etc that you will have to deal with forever.

How bad are these scars you talk about? I really dont mind a little scar

That is the same as a One Touch unit. Tips for it’s use are at

You can scar yourself with practically any unit if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you use too high a setting for too long, you could burn some skin, but if you learn by erring on the safe side you can pretty much avoid all scarring. Scarring is more likely on very shallow hairs (where the root is only about 1 mm below the skin) as some of the energy will go to the skin surface as well, so you have to be more careful with those hairs. Also you should not “attack” a hair more than twice in a session or you can start doing some damage to the surrounding tissue.

The unit can work, but will take a lot of time and patience.