Clarification on redness & scabs ?

I just had a follow-up to the earlier question…

For the Eyebrows…

1.) If the electrolygist can’t prevent redness or scabs in the eyebrow area, how long would these two side-effects last on average ? (per Isabel’s postings…It would be great if I can find someone like Maria Vega.)

2.) Is there a reduction of redness and scabbing on subsequent visits ? If so, how long does it take for the reduction to kick in ?

If I have the eyebrows done, I don’t want anyone to be able to notice it.

Thanks a lot !!!

All redness and scabbing would tend to lessen as treatment progresses as there should be fewer hairs to treat in the space being worked on, and the electrologist would have had time to fine tune working energies for best results.

Scabbing doesn’t have to happen, and redness can be limited to a minimum that lasts a short time.

I would not advise someone use the eyebrows as a consultation/sample treatment area, as it takes a different skill than other work. Best to start them out on your leg, or an area that is not noticed too much, like the neck or under the chin.

My average client who gets eyebrow work done is able to go on a date later that night, as long as they don’t mind leaving out the make-up.