Cindy Uhler, Harrisburg, PA? Anyone familiar?

Hi there. After 6 treatments with the Cutera laser (which someone here said is an IPL, but the dermatologist insists is a “true laser” - don’t know what to believe) that have been TOTALLY unsuccessful, I’m considering trying electrolysis again. I tried it about 10 years ago but only went twice because I found the treatments excruciatingly painful - like having lava injected into my face. On top of that, I had black pepper spots for a week afterward that were impossible to cover with makeup. But recently I’ve read that a skilled practicioner should not have those results. We have a woman with 30 years experience in my area of PA - Cindy Uhler, but I can’t find any local reviews. Thought maybe someone here knows about her, since she’s been in the biz so long. She claims she can make treatments comfortable and there will be no noticeable signs afterward. Does this sound reasonable? I don’t know if the spots and pain I had with the last woman were normal or if she was just a terrible electrologist.

So thankful for any help!!

P.S. - If it helps with info, I am female with thick dark hair on my chin that I shave. It seems worse since the Cutera treatments. I had hormone testing a while ago and they were “normal.”

If you do not get any responses about Cindy, at least give her a try, then make your own conclusions. Reviews are not always honest so the best reviews are made by you having actually experienced a treatment.

There are a growing number of electrologists who have stepped into the world of high tech electrolysis care. Many consumers are impressed by just how tolerable treatments are compared to someone using older technology. No matter the set up, ALL electrolysis epilators and all electrolysis modalities will bring you permanent hair removal. People just want the hair removed ASAP an they don’t want it to hurt too much.

So do the “high tech” machines not hurt so much? I seriously found electrolysis absolutely like literal torture. I am so sick of this hair on my face, I might have gone through the pain if it weren’t for the insane skin damage I had to put up with. I worked as as receptionist at the time, so I had people looking at me all day, and after the electrolysis people were really giving me strange looks (not my imagination), and my supervisor was looking at me like he wanted to say something but couldn’t bring himself to. All in all a really horrible experience. I’m hoping maybe this woman near me might be better if she has so many years of experience…

When you put a high tech machine / epilator in the hands of a well trained or re-trained professional electrologist, then yes indeed, it does not “hurt so much”. My clients rarely use any topical anesthetic. I have a few that apply LMX or EMLA to their middle upper lip before they arrive and that’s about it!

Just because an electrologist has 30 years experience does not mean that they are skilled and have modernized their set up. Change is hard and not many people do well with change, especially if they have been having success with removing hair for 30 years in a most familiar way. You will still get permanent hair removal and yes, it may hurt more. This is why we constantly advise that you visit as many electrologists that you are able to see and compare. We are all different and you will understand this once you go through the consultation process.

Give electrolysis another try because things have changed. The product I use is the Apilus Platinum. There is also the Aplius Pure. Both epilators have the ultra rapid current that makes the sensation part most bearable. These are the top machines today for the most comfortable way to remove hair. It is NOT painless, but there is considerable difference in the way this works and feels and you will understand this difference once you give it a try. The skill factor has to be there in order for you to understand that this is not great-grandma’s electrolysis anymore.

There are other great epilators, too, so don’t poo-poo an electrologist based on her chosen epilator. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF is my plea to you. Give this another serious try, approaching your search with more knowledge about what the electrolysis world has to offer today, in 2011, almost 2012.

Happy New Year to all my beloved colleagues, Kimberly Williams included.
I boldly wish all a Merry Christmas even though I am a day late. I am not politically correct in saying Merry Christmas and never intend to be. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe or not believe. The words mean peace be with you, love to all, rebirth, renewal and hope for a better life ahead, so how insulting is that! Hey, we even get a federal holiday out of it. So belated Merry Christmas my HairTell family and may all solve their unwanted hair problems in 2012.