Chronic Itchy Razor Burn and Hard Lump on Face !!


I have fairly dark coarse hair on my face that grows overnight requiring me to shave daily if i want to keep a clean looking appearance.

For the past 1 month I developed some sort of chronic razor burn that itches and burns severely particularly at night waking me up, ive tried using vitamin e creams, aloe vera and not shaving for a few days but soon as I shave again it comes back, I just cant seem to get rid of it. To make matter woorse I developed a hard big lump on my cheek that been there for over two weeks now, its very deep and theres no tip or redness on it so i dont think its a pimple but i know its related somehow to the irritation ive been experiencing from the shaving rash.

I always put a warm/hot towel on my face before I shave to soften the hairs and I always shave following a shower, and afterwards I apply vitamin e cream but this is not helping. The only thing I do wrong is shave against the grain but in my case this is neccesary as my hair is so dark and coarse that if I dont shave against the grain it looks like I havent shaved at all. Any suggestions overcoming the razor burn or info about the hard lump would be apreciated.


i dont know how to help but u might have experianced a spider bite


I think he is right about he spider bite. If not it really sounds like some sorta bug bite. I would have it checked out by a pro. As far as shaving, I have the same coarse hair. I find that shaving after I shower helps to make the hair less coarse and easier to shave. I also use Tend Skin products - shave gel and After shave solution - these products are awsome. There is also another product called Bump Patrol. Both of these products conatin Salicylic Acid. This is the active ingredient in asparin. It works as an antistringent cleansing the pores and preventing irritation and bumps. Another good tip is to make sure that you are shaving correctly. NEVER SHAVE AGAINST THE GRAIN of you hair growth. There is an excellent guide on Ebay called facial mapping. I used the methods and got excellent results. Give it a try.

Good luck


It may be an ingrown hair as well. It’s hard to tell over the internet without even pictures.