chromos 694 ruby laser

i am interested in hair removal for my legs, i am pale skinned and dark hair, i wouldnt describe the hair as coarse as that on my bikini, but it isnt as fine as arm hair, so its more in between really.
i have a consultation next week with who use a chromos 694 ruby laser. i have looked at the specifications of this on hairfacts ( and am reading it is referred to as a flashlamp, similar to IPL?
does anybody have any experience of this type of laser/IPL?

Ruby laser is not an IPL. It’s a laser, but it’s very old technology and can only be used on VERY pale skin, type I and at most II. The practitioner has to be very experienced not to cause burns with this machine. IPLs are not recommended because they take a lot longer to achieve same results as lasers. It’s not cost-effective. Do you have other options in your area? Where are you located?

i live in the uk. i have experince with IPL and would agree that it takes longer to achieve results. there is another company that uses apogee and alex laser so i will contact them too. will still go to ruby laser consultation just to get patch test etc as i do have very pale skin.will keep this site informed. thanks for responding