Choosing electrolysis or laser for face?

Hi all,

I’m a 26 year old female and I’ve decided it’s time to do something about the hair on my chin and neck. I first noticed hair around the age of 16 after I had gone a little too far with dieting and lost my period as a result. I think plucking/waxing,etc have exacerbated the problem.

I had laser once before when I was in my teens. I had a bad reaction after the first time and subsequently gave it up. As a result I’m slightly prejudiced against it. However I would like to explore fully all my opinions and I might have been unlucky previosly. Furthermore, I’ve heard from different sources that electrolysis has a slightly greater risk of scarring. Is this true? Which treatment would people recommend?

For body work, getting clearances with laser is probably a good idea if your hair is thick and dark enough. For your face, I think electrolysis is the only way to go.

I have never seen any permanent tissue trauma from electrolysis.

Visit laser and electrolysis facilities and ask for their suggestions.

How painful is electrolysis, that’s the main question. I am worried about the pain, as I was told that on face, e.g. upper lip and chin, the pain from electrolysis is very intense. Is this true?

It all depends on who you get your treatment from and how you prepare your own body for treatment.

While my average client watches movies, or falls asleep during my treatments, I have two clients who simply REFUSE to remineralize, rehydrate, and drop the extreme caffeine addiction for the betterment of their treatments.

We have listed on this site the difference dehydration, caffeine and so on make on treatment tolerance, and comfort, and no amount of explanation of how they are bringing a body unprepared for treatment gets them to do anything other than demand compensation on the practitioner’s part.

Sure, there are places where one can just rely on pain medications to make up for this, but for the majority of clients, a well skilled practitioner with a good set up can do tolerable work (dare I say comfortable work) with out so much as a numbing cream.

this is why we say, you must get as many consultations and sample treatments as possible before you choose who will do your work to completion. You will see quite the range of experiences along the way.