Choosing between two electrolgists

I have two questions. First, what is multi-needle galvanic? I noticed some electologists advertise this method as though it is something extra special but I couldn’t find anything on hair facts explaining exactly what it is. Secondly, I have seen two electrologists over the past three weeks. They are a little different so I am thinking of choosing to see the second one exclusively but I would like to know what everyone here thinks and if anyone has any recommendations on this. Here are the differences in them:
#1 - I have seen her twice and she works on my chin and some of my upper lip for an hour or an hour and 15 mins at a time. She is pretty slow as she is using blend. The pain is very tolerable not bad at all. She uses gold-plated disposable needles and my skin looks great afterwards. Usually in about a day and a half or two days it looks completely normal and the scabbing and redness are MINIMAL. She uses witchhazel and neosporin cream afterwards and wears gloves and a mask. She uses a magnifying glass with a light that I think is calls a halo. She uses all three modalities and has been practising for 20 years. I can only get in to see her once a week so I scheduled with a second electrologist so that I could work on my body and my eyebrows and sideburns.
#2 - I have seen her once and she worked on my eyebrows, sideburns, and chin. It had been two days since my chin had been worked on but there was still a lot of hair there so she offered to work on it some. I told her if my skin would be okay I was fine with it because it felt totally back to normal. She uses disposable needles (not gold-plated) and my skin looks just as good as with #1 afterwards. She does not use neosporin and is vehemently opposed to it. She is also a nurse and told me to use A+D with zinc which is what she put on afterwards. I believe she has been practising for something like 17 years. She uses lights plus glasses with what look like binoculars on them adn wars gloves but not a mask. Her equipment for visual looks more modern. She also uses blend but moves MUCH faster. I can hear both of their machines and basically as she works it beeps much quicker than with electrologist #1. With #2, it seems like she inserts, it beeps, and she’s done. With #1 it takes probably 7-8 seconds before it beeps. I do not feel a plucking sensation with either one of them. With #2 I can probably get in to see her twice a week. This plus the fact that she can clear an area faster makes me want to switch to her full time. I do not pluck or shave between appointments, only clip, so I would like to at least walk out of an appointment cleared if possible. #2 says she prefers blend on the face bcs she feels it is more gentle on the skin. Bcs my skin looks so good afterwards, it seems like they are both pretty good. Either that or my skin recovers exceptionally well. The difference in price is SLIGHT with #2 being a couple of dollars more and I could care less about the price anyways. Another thing, #2 recommended an epsom salt/water soak on my chin to help with the ingrown hairs (hair under the skin in many places after all the plucking). I think I felt slightly more comfortable with her bcs she was a nurse and bcs of what she said about neosporin, I noticed many people here say the same things about it. I am a 27 year old female with no hormone problems. I did have an eating disorder which caused come abnormal hair growth and plucking over the years worsened the problem CONSIDERABLY. I am also Arabic and the plucked hair on my face is coarse and black. I apologize for making this so long. Any recommendations are appreciated.

In response to your first question: Multi-needle galvanic is the same as single needle galvanic, same as One Touch, but doing it to multiple hairs simultaneously. I believe very few electrologists do it, mostly because it’s complex keeping track of several needles at once, and adding heat (i.e., blend) makes a huge difference.

I would go with number two and keep number one as an “Ace In The Hole” for those times you need treatment on a day when you can’t get in to see your “First String Electrologist”.

Getting full clearance and maintaining it is all the difference in quick clearance to completion.